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Why You Should Convert Your Screened Porch to a Sunroom

It’s not uncommon to have an outdoor living space in Florida. Homeowners want to enjoy the great weather, so they create outdoor patios and screen rooms to spend time outside. But one problem screened patio enclosures have is dealing with bad weather conditions. It’s hard to enjoy your time outdoors when it’s too hot and humid. You’re better off relaxing indoors where it’s cool. If you’re in t...
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7 Small Sunroom Decorating Ideas to Add to Your Home

small sunroom decorating ideas
Does your sunroom need some new design ideas? If your sunroom design feels stale or no longer inspires you to spend time there, it’s time to switch it up! At Lifestyle Remodeling, we love helping our customers find interior design ideas they love. Take a look at eight of our favorite small sunroom decorating ideas that are easy to implement for any sunroom makeover project! 1. Create a Reading ...
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Everything You Need to Know About Four Season Sunrooms

Four Season Sunroom Florida
Would you like to spend more time with your family and friends outdoors in the beautiful sunshine? Unfortunately, living in Florida, heat, humidity, pollen, and insects can make it difficult to spend time outdoors year-round. But with a four season sunroom, you can enjoy your time in Florida with family and friends comfortably all year round.   What is a Four Season Sunroom? A four season sunroo...
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How to Insulate a Sunroom in Florida

how to insulate a sunroom
As the name implies, sunrooms have the most sun exposure compared to other rooms in your home, so insulating one may not be something you may have thought was important when it comes to warm weather. However, insulation helps keep cool air circulating and promotes sunroom energy efficiency. All-season sunrooms may have some type of heating and cooling system. Any time a room has heating and coo...
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8 Patio Enclosures & Sunroom Ideas

patio enclosures sunroom ideas
A 2021 survey by the National Association of Home Builders found that more than 80% of home buyers want a patio or back porch and a front porch. Outdoor living spaces are in high demand as homeowners spend more time with family and friends at home. And while a patio or porch is a great place to spend your time, what’s even better is a patio enclosure or sunroom addition, so you can enjoy the sp...
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Solarium Ideas: 6 Creative & Unique Decorating Ideas

Solarium ideas
Did you know the history of sunrooms dates back to 6000 BC? While sunrooms were originally a heat source for homes, after WWII in the 1960s, contractors advertised enclosed patios, and the idea took off. Today, enclosed porches are more popular than ever, and the design options are endless! Take a look at six trending and unique solarium ideas you can design for your home with the help of profe...
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3 Different Types of Patio Covers: Which Is Best?

3 Different Types of Patio Covers: Which is Best?
Are you considering adding a patio cover to your outdoor living area? You may be surprised to discover many different types of patio covers. The type of cover you choose for your home is essential; ideally, you will want to select a style that best serves its intended purpose. Definition and Types of Patio Covers A patio cover is a structure constructed to protect and cover a patio or outdoor li...
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8 Benefits Of Adding A Sunroom You May Not Have Known

Tampa Sunroom
Are you ready to focus on your self-care and enjoy an extra living space? Adding a sunroom is one of the best ways to do just that! Sunrooms are perfect for Florida homeowners because they provide extra usable space and let you enjoy all that beautiful natural light year-round. You may be surprised at how much a sunroom can add to your quality of life. Plus, there are plenty of other benefits ...
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How To Decorate a Small Sunroom For Cheap

How to Decorate a Small Sunroom for Cheap
Cozy but with tons of natural sunshine, a small sunroom can serve homeowners as a living room, game room, craft room, or even a home office. Learning how to decorate a small sunroom will help you maximize your space and create an area that combines good looks with practicality. So get inspired with these sunroom decorating ideas! Start By Clearing Out the Clutter and Tidying Up Effective interi...
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Solarium vs Sunroom: What’s The Difference?

Sunroom vs Solarium
When you’re thinking about adding extra living space to your Florida home, you may be wondering if a solarium or sunroom is the right option for you. Both have their pros and cons, but in the end, it comes down to how you envision using the space. Do you want panoramic views of your backyard? Maybe you want to entertain in a pool or enjoy your home addition year-round. Depending on your prefer...
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