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What is the difference between a screen room and a sunroom?

Sunroom vs Screen Room
Screen Room vs Sunroom So you’ve decided to expand your living area and want to turn your outdoor space into a screen room or sunroom. How is a Screen Room different from a Sunroom? Having a screen room or sunroom installed on your home is an excellent choice if you are looking to add more space to your Florida home. With a sunroom, bringing a bit of the beautiful outdoors “indoors” make...
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What heating and cooling options do I have for a sunroom?

Sunroom Central Heating & Cooling Systems
Looking to build a sunroom what heating and cooling options do I have? When it comes to heating and cooling your new sunroom you will need to know what options are available to you. In this article we are going to discuss the different options that you have for heating and cooling a sunroom in Florida. As many Florida homeowners know Florida can be extremely hot and humid during summer m...
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