The Benefits of Installing an Operable Pergola in Florida

By Published On: December 16, 20162.2 min read

Start enjoying the outdoor living area of your Florida home in an entirely new way. The New Operable Pergola installed by Lifestyle Remodeling is an absolutely amazing outdoor living product. This amazing operable pergola provides the very best of both worlds – it can function as a pergola and as a solid patio cover. The operable pergola gives Florida homeowners the ability to control the amount of shade or sunlight your patio receives. When the weather is beautiful, you can open the roofing panels using a motor to enjoy sunlight and clear views. And, when Florida’s rainy weather threatens or the sunshine becomes too intense, you can simply close the panels with the push of a button to receive maximum protection from the elements.

An adjustable pergola is an excellent investment for just about any Florida home. The electric pergola is the perfect choice when it comes to delivering enjoyment and protection for outdoor living areas like patios, decks and pool areas.

Operable Pergola OpenOperable Pergola Closed

Rain or Shine, Finally A Motorized Pergola Offering Protection From Both

By itself, a pergola is a terrific product, but combined with a powerful electric motor, we have an outdoor living product that truly stands above the rest. The Operable Pergola comes equipped with a slow-motion actuator motor. The Operable Pergola Motor uses a 500-lb push/pull force making it very easy to open and close the roofing panels. The Operable Pergola was designed to have a very clean streamlined appearance and that is why you will find the power cord for the motor very nicely concealed in an electrical raceway.

The Motorized Pergola That is Built To Last in Florida’s Extreme Weather

Don’t worry about the extreme weather associated with living in Florida. The Operable Pergola is constructed from a heavy-gauge extruded aluminum, a material much stronger than wood or vinyl. Another excellent feature the Operable Pergola has is a return lip on the extruded louvers that helps channel rain water off the pergola helping preserve the pergola giving it a longer life span.

Benefits & Features of The Operable Pergola

  • A heavy-gauge extruded aluminum construction that offer enhanced strength and durability
  • A slow-motion motor that opens and closes the roofing panels easily using a 500-lb push/pull force
  • Electrical raceways that hide the power cable, giving the structure a clean, streamlined appearance
  • TEMKOR corbels capped at the ends of the rafters and beams to provide additional support
  • Extruded louvers designed with a return lip to channel the flow of rainwater
  • And more

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