Sunroom Designs

Sunroom Design – How do I know what sunroom style is best for my home?

So you’re looking to build a sunroom and you want to know what sunroom design or style is right for you? Many Florida home-owners are taking the next step and deciding to build a sunroom addition to their Florida home. After making this decision, they tend to find themselves doing a lot of online research trying […]

Sunroom Contractor

Sunroom Contractors

Are you looking for the best Sunroom Contractor? You have made the decision to build a sunroom and it is a very important decision. Just as important is making sure that you hire the very best sunroom contractor to build a sunroom addition onto your Florida home. In a previous article, we talked about who builds the best sunrooms in Florida and the […]

Building A Sunroom Addition Onto My Florida Home

Building a Sunroom Addition onto my Florida home

Are you a Florida homeowner looking to have a sunroom addition built? So you’re looking to build a sunroom addition onto your Florida Home. Building a sunroom also known as a Florida Room has many benefits to homeowners and is an excellent opportunity to increase your homes living space, curb appeal, the value of your home and experience many […]

Who Builds The Best Sunrooms In Florida and Tampa Bay

Who Builds the Best Sunrooms In Florida and Tampa Bay Area?

Are you looking for the best sunroom builder in Florida and the Tampa Bay area? At Lifestyle Remodeling, we understand that choosing the right company to install your new sunroom is a big decision. Your new sunroom is a lifelong investment in your home and property and it should be done exactly the way you […]

Sunroom Permits

Do you need a permit to build a Sunroom in Florida?

Hiring a Licensed Contractor to pull Sunroom Permits Are you looking to build a sunroom? Hiring a contractor for your Florida Sunroom is a very important decision to make. In this article, we’re going to discuss sunroom permits and why hiring a “licensed contractor” is important and the risks associated with hiring an unlicensed contractor. […]

Florida Rooms

Why Choose A Florida Room For Your Florida Home?

The Benefits of Installing a Florida Room Would you like extra living space to enjoy your family and friends? Maybe you’re interested in adding value to your home while increasing security and privacy. These are just a few of the benefits of having a Florida Room. There are other benefits of adding a Florida Room to your home […]

Four Season Sunroom Florida

Four Season Sunroom

What Is A Four Season Sunroom? Would you like to spend more time with your family and friends in a room that is always relaxing and enjoyable? We all enjoy spending time with our family and friends outdoors in the beautiful sunshine. Unfortunately living in Florida we aren’t always able to spend time outdoors year-round […]

Glass Room Tampa

Glass Room

Is A Glass Room Right For You? Are you thinking about adding more space to your Florida home but don’t want to commit to the cost and time that it typically takes to build a more costly traditional room addition? Consider a Glass Room. There are many benefits to installing a glass room. In this article, […]

Walk-In Tub Showrooms

Benefits of a Walk-In Tub Showroom

Why Visit A Walk-In Tub Showroom Before You Buy? Would you want to buy a couch, recliner, or a new bed just because you’ve seen it on TV or in a magazine? The majority of consumers would say “no” because they would want to test it out first. The same holds true when choosing where […]

Why Choose Lifestyle Remodeling To Build Your Sunroom

Why Choose Lifestyle Remodeling To Build Your Sunroom?

Why Choose Lifestyle Remodeling? Are you looking to build a sunroom and live in the Tampa Bay or surrounding area? We invite you to turn to our experienced professionals at Lifestyle Remodeling. For over a decade, Lifestyle Remodeling has been a premier custom sunroom builder in Florida. We are the expert company that homeowners throughout the Tampa […]

Why Are Online Reviews Important When Hiring A Sunroom Contractor

Why are Online Reviews Important when Hiring a Sunroom Contractor?

Why are customer reviews so important? In today’s online society which is dominated by mobile devices and search results, customer reviews are very important and word of mouth has been replaced by social media and online customer review sites. These days customer reviews can be a determining factor in whether a sunroom company is being considered or not.  In this […]

Different ways to Enjoy a Sunroom in Florida

Different ways to Enjoy a Sunroom in Florida

How Can You Enjoy A New Sunroom? You have made the decision to install a new sunroom, but have you given any thought to how you will use your new space? Relaxing and lounging around while enjoying your beautiful surroundings is a given, but why not make the most of your new sunroom by utilizing […]

Operable Pergola vs Traditional Pergola

Operable Pergola vs Traditional Pergola

What’s the difference between Traditional Pergolas and Operable Pergolas? Looking to install a pergola in your backyard or outdoor living space? Then you’re probably considering a traditional pergola or an operable pergola. In this article we are going to discuss the difference between Traditional Pergolas and Operable Pergolas. A traditional pergola and an operable pergola […]

Benefits of a Patio Enclosure and Lanai Enclosure

Benefits of a Patio Enclosure / Lanai Enclosure

What are the benefits of a Patio Enclosure / Lanai Enclosure in Florida? Are you thinking about adding more space to your Florida home but don’t want to commit to a large construction project? Consider a Lanai / Patio Enclosure. Their are many benefits to installing a patio enclosure and in this article we will discuss why adding […]

Outswing Walk-In Bathtub

Inswing Walk-In Tub vs Outswing Walk-In Tub

So you’re Looking to Buy A Walk-In Tub? Thinking about buying a Walk-In Tub and are unsure what company you should buy from or whether you should buy an Inswing walk-in Tub or an Outswing walk-In Tub? In this article we are going to talk about who makes the best high quality walk-in tubs as well as discuss […]

Sunroom vs Screen Room

What is the difference between a screen room and a sunroom?

Screen Room vs Sunroom So you’ve decided to expand your living area and want to turn your outdoor space into a screen room or sunroom. How is a Screen Room different from a Sunroom? Having a screen room or sunroom installed on your home is an excellent choice if you are looking to add more space to […]

Sunroom Central Heating & Cooling Systems

What heating and cooling options do I have for a sunroom?

Looking to build a sunroom what heating and cooling options do I have? When it comes to heating and cooling your new sunroom you will need to know what options are available to you. In this article we are going to discuss the different options that you have for heating and cooling a sunroom in Florida. As […]

Who Should Consider Buying A Walk-In Tub in Florida

Who Should Consider Buying A Walk-In Tub In Florida?

Who Needs A Walk-In Tub? Are you looking for a safer more independent way to bathe? Walk-In tubs are an excellent choice when looking to accommodate the needs of seniors, the disabled, people with limited mobility, and anybody who may have difficulty stepping in and out of the bathtub. As people get older they often have a difficult time performing […]

Glass Windows vs Acrylic Windows for Florida Sunrooms

Sunrooms – Glass Windows vs. Acrylic Windows for Florida Homes

Benefits of Glass Windows vs Acrylic Windows for Florida Sunrooms? The addition of a new sunroom is an excellent choice when looking to add more living space to your Florida home. In our previous article we helped Florida home-owners learn more about the different types of sunrooms available to them as well as why sunrooms […]

Operable Pergolas Florida

The Benefits of Installing an Operable Pergola in Florida

Discover the benefits of installing an Operable Pergola for your Florida home. Start enjoying the outdoor living area of your Florida home in an entirely new way. The New Operable Pergola installed by Lifestyle remodeling is an absolutely amazing outdoor living product. This amazing operable pergola provides the very best of both worlds – it can function […]

Cathedral Style Sunroom Florida

I Want To Build A Sunroom What Are My Choices?

Are you looking to build a Sunroom on your Florida home and want to know more about what choices you have? In this article we are going to help Florida home-owners understand what choices are available to them when it comes to building a brand new sunroom addition. A Florida room or sunroom is an […]

Why Is A Sunroom A Good Investment

Why Is A Sunroom A Good Investment?

There are many reasons why building a new sunroom is a good investment. Many Florida homeowners are discovering that making improvements to their existing home can be far less expensive and much less of a hassle than selling and moving into a new home. One of the easiest most affordable ways to improve on your home is by […]

Hiring A Sunroom Contractor in Florida

5 Expert Things To Know Before Hiring A Sunroom Contractor In Florida

What you need to know before you hire a Sunroom Contractor in Florida Building a sunroom or Florida room is an excellent choice when looking to extend your homes living space as well as increase its value. When committing to such a valuable investment it is very important that you get the same level of commitment from […]