Operable Pergola vs Traditional Pergola

By Published On: February 21, 20172.5 min read

What’s the difference between Traditional Pergolas and Operable Pergolas?

Looking to install a pergola in your backyard or outdoor living space? Then you’re probably considering a traditional pergola or an operable pergola. In this article we are going to discuss the difference between Traditional Pergolas and Operable Pergolas.

A traditional pergola and an operable pergola are both excellent lattice shade covers and can be very similar in their appearance. A pergola is a vertical structure that is typically attached to a patio, deck, or other foundation outside of your home. Traditional pergolas are used to enhance the outdoor experience by giving Florida homeowners a lightly shaded outdoor area to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in comfort. A traditional pergola is a wonderful addition to any outdoor living area and will definitely add beauty, appeal, comfort and value to your home, but will not offer the same level of luxury and protection that is offered by an operable pergola.

Enjoy your homes outdoor living space even more with the addition of an operable pergola. A standard pergola is usually made from wood, vinyl, or aluminum, and an operable pergola is made from a heavy-gauge extruded aluminum, and is built to withstand some of the most extreme weather in Florida.

Operable Pergola vs Traditional Pergola

A traditional pergola offers a limited amount of shade and protection from the sun. With an operable or motorized pergola you get the very best of both worlds, having the ability to function as a pergola and a solid patio cover all in one. An operable pergola gives Florida homeowners the ability to open and close the pergolas roofing panels by using a slow-motion actuator motor. The Operable Pergola Motor uses a 500-lb push/pull force making it very easy to open and close the pergola roofing panels.

A traditional pergola can be good for providing a little relief from the intensity of the sun’s harmful UV rays, but they do not protect from other elements and debris. Fortunately, operable pergolas were designed to offer protection from what traditional ones could not. Unlike traditional pergolas, the operable pergola gives you the ability to control the amount of shade and sunlight your outdoor patio area receives.

With the advantage of motorized roof panels that easily open and close via a slow-motion motor, you are protected during any weather condition. When the weather outside is amazing and the sun is shining bright, the operable pergola has roofing panels that can be opened with the push of a button. And, when Florida’s stormy weather brings rain and wind, you can easily close the roofing panels to get the most protection from the elements.

An operable pergola is definitely a step up from a traditional pergola. Lifestyle Remodeling is proud to be a leading installer of this wonderful product. An operable pergola can be an excellent addition to just about any outdoor living area.

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