Three Season Sunrooms in Florida

What Is a 3-Season Room? 

A three-season room in Florida is a room addition enclosed with glass. It offers access to the outdoors with protection so you can enjoy the sunlight and a cool breeze without bugs, dirt, or debris bothering you.

These glass rooms also have UV protection. This ensures you don’t get too hot during the summer months and protects your furnishings from UV damage.

Although similar to each other, three-season rooms differ from four-season sunrooms and screened-in porches in several different ways.

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Of course, they all offer an abundance of natural light. Yet, the differences are essential when determining the best Florida room addition for your home.

For instance, a four-season room has insulation and has the ability to climate control the room, allowing you to use the space year-round. Conversely, a three-season room doesn’t have as much insulation. It is more challenging to cool the room with air conditioning when it’s too hot or heat it when it gets colder outside.

Heating the room becomes less of a concern for those living in Florida, especially South and Central Florida because the weather rarely gets too cold to use the room.

Why pay for a 4-season room when you can enjoy a three-season room nearly all year? Plus, you could always use a ceiling fan or space heater to adjust the temperature.

On the other hand, screen rooms have screens instead of windows and walls. Although the screens and roof protect from the overhead sun, rainstorms, and pests, they don’t offer nearly as much protection from the elements as three-season rooms.

If it’s too windy, you may feel uncomfortable or chilly. If there’s heavy rain, you may still get a little wet. During the summer season, screens are more likely to allow dust and lawn mower debris through the screens, which makes it a hassle to keep clean for guests and everyday use. Three season rooms will keep out the unwanted elements, dust and debris away from the room with their window and wall system

Benefits of Three Seasons Sunrooms in Florida

The benefits of sunroom additions are endless for homeowners. Below, we highlight the top benefits to know.

Expand Your Living Space

Three-season rooms expand the living space without structural renovations and create an inviting gathering area in the home. A sunroom is an excellent place to relax, spend time with loved ones, or host small events when it’s most convenient for you, all while enjoying the beautiful sunshine or cool breeze.

Plus, if you move, a sunroom will increase your home’s value. Notably, a three-season sunroom can create the perfect Florida oasis to the footprint of your home. It is a feature you can highlight to potential buyers and use as a justification for a slightly higher price point. This is especially true if your sunroom has unique features like a custom bar or nook area.

Add Protection

Free from the elements you may face in an outdoor living space, a three-season room allows you to enjoy the best parts of nature without pests or weather conditions, putting a damper on your fun.

Because of their construction, you can use three-season rooms in most climates as they protect the interior from rainfall, heavy winds, and debris.

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Budget Friendly

Three-season sunrooms can be more cost-effective because of the material options offered. Although the room needs a sound foundation, you don’t need to install the following:

  • Decking
  • Heating system
  • Electric
  • Plumbing

The cost may increase depending on if new concrete and a new sunroom roof is needed. However, with so many sunroom designs to explore, you’ll find that you can build a spectacular space on a tight budget without sacrificing durability or quality.

Further, three-season rooms are energy efficient. The space won’t add significantly to your monthly utility bills.

To go the extra mile in saving, consider studio sunrooms. They use either a single eave roof or an extension to your existing lanai to act as a seamless extension of your home.

Common Features of
Three Season Sunrooms in Florida

Before you commit to building a three-season room, learn about its features to understand how this home addition differs from others. We detail the four key components below.

Frame Options

The most common frame for a three-season sunroom is an aluminum frame. This high-quality frame provides structural integrity that meets building codes and resistance to the following:

  • Chipping
  • Fading
  • Peeling
  • Scratching

This means the color you choose (and there are several to decide from) will be a durable option.

Roof Options

What makes three-season rooms differ from other structures, like a patio or pool enclosure, is its roof. The roof is more durable and provides more protection than other enclosure options because you can install three, four or six-inch panels that insulate from the weather and sound.

Decorative shingled roofs are also available for those who want to create a seamless look between the new room addition and the existing home.

Several roof shapes are available when building a three-season room, such as:

  • Gable
  • Single slope
  • Under existing

Glass Options

Floor-to-ceiling glass windows and skylights are not uncommon in three-season rooms. But when installing glass, several options exist, like single-pane or double-pane glass.

You may also choose something more durable, such as safety tempered glass windows.

In addition, you’ll also want to choose UV protection which will keep your sunroom more comfortable.

Windows & Doors

While you’ll likely use glass for the sunroom’s windows and doors, you can incorporate many different sunroom styles depending on the models you use.

For example, are you more interested in a knee wall or floor-to-ceiling glass? Are you looking for windows that slide open for more ventilation, or fixed picture window glass for an unobstructed view? Doors come in different sizes and swings. Keep in mind, an outswing door gives you more living space inside your sunroom.

Even though glass will be the primary building material, you can still research the many varieties available to find what matches your style.

Other Sunroom Options with Lifestyle Remodeling

If the three-season sunroom isn’t the right type of sunroom for your home, there are other options to consider that will enhance your property. At Lifestyle Remodeling, we also design and build the following structures:

Contact our office for a free quote on the home improvement project of your dreams. And don’t forget that when you partner with Lifestyle Remodeling, you’ll always get a TEMO exclusive Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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