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Do you have a patio or a lanai that has an existing house roof over it?

Patio Enclosure as low as $149 per month (wac)

If you have a patio or a lanai that has an existing house roof over it, Lifestyle Remodeling can build a custom window/wall system for your home offering year-round space. Our window wall/system creates indoor space out of your covered patio, but allows you to still feel connected to the outdoors with nearly floor-ceiling window panels. With our custom patio/lanai enclosures, the worries of pollen, bugs, lawn mower debris and inclement weather etc. will no longer be a concern. Customizable window heights and widths allow your design to seamlessly blend into your homes architecture, and it will also increase the overall value of your home.

Lifestyle Remodeling is a premier builder of custom Patio Enclosures in Tampa, Florida, and surrounding Tampa Bay area. From Glass Room Enclosures to Acrylic Room Enclosures, we can handle all of your patio enclosure needs.

We specialize in affordable patio enclosure sales, service, and professional installation. Whether it is a custom designed patio enclosure or a simple finish to an existing roof over, no matter the complexity, Lifestyle Remodeling has the professional experience to enclose almost any style patio or covered outdoor area.

Patio Enclosures allow you to enjoy the beauty of the outside from the inside. Imagine the hours of enjoyment you and your family will receive with a newly designed backyard home away from home.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to enjoy a “vacation’ in your backyard all year? Imagine having your first cup of coffee or relaxing to a beautiful Florida sunset in your very own enclosed outdoor living space without worrying about weather or insects. You will be able to do this with a new patio room enclosure or sunroom installation.

Tampa Bay Florida Patio Enclosure & Lanai EnclosuresYour new patio enclosure will not only add a touch of beauty and elegance to your home, it will also add a significant amount of additional living space, increasing the value of your home and property, which makes your new patio room an excellent choice for your next investment.

A patio room enclosure is a far more superior option to a more traditional solid shade patio cover or lattice shade covers, when it comes to the amount of comfort and protection that is offered. Unlike patio covers, patio enclosures offer unlimited seasonal use and the ability to enjoy a variety of benefits throughout the entire year.

From panoramic views to numerous health benefits of natural sunlight, from high quality building material to the most experienced professional installers, when it comes to patio enclosures in Tampa, Florida, and the surrounding Tampa Bay area, Lifestyle Remodeling is a leader in the industry.

Every homeowner has different needs and desires, therefore our patio enclosures are custom designed to enhance your home and property. There is a wide array of options and choices available to you, so it is important that you call today to setup a Free Consultation with a member of our design team, please call (813) 448-3711 or contact us online.

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