What is a Thermal Sunroom?

Its versatility is driven by your imagination. Simply open the door, and let the good life begin!

A thermal sunroom is a room specifically engineered to help control the interior environment of your sunroom for maximum comfort during the seasons of use. The thermal protection is primarily provided by the type and amount of insulation within the wall and roof systems, working together with high-quality window systems and other engineering. Premier Sunrooms uses industry-leading 2-lb high-density Expanded Polystyrene, recognized as the most effective and durable insulation material in sunrooms.

A Premier thermal sunroom also means that you can use it longer through the seasons. The options in wall systems are designed to help you select the room that meets your expectations for use and geographical requirements, without paying for more than you require. Premier sunrooms are designed to provide year-round use.

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Premier sunrooms meet or exceed all national engineering codes and go a step beyond.

Your sunrooms most defining feature is its windows. Premier windows are AAMA Gold Label Certified! Only the best win the gold. Premiers standard single-pane and double-pane IG windows offer industry-leading performance in the ways that matter most to you, backed by AMMA Gold Label Certification.


AAMA Gold Label Certification assures you that Premier windows are:

  • Built with durable sash-to-glass construction
  • Air and water tight
  • Secure against intruders
  • Easy to operate

To achieve this prestigious and rare recognition, Premier windows passed 6 demanding tests by the nations leading independent testing organization The American Architectural Manufacturers Association.

Air Leakage
Sunroom Air Leakage

Our windows recorded less than the allowed 0.3 cubic feet per minute air leakage.

Ease of Operation
Sunroom Air Leakage

Our windows operate with only 9 pounds of force, allowing easy use by all family members.

Sash to Glass Connection
Sunroom Sash To Glass

Our sash recorded minimum movement away from the glass. Structural Integrity Our windows withstand hurricane-force winds of up to 140- mph, a higher structural rating normally found only in commercial-grade windows.

*Premier is the only sunroom manufacturer that has passed this test at these elevated testing levels.

Forced Entry
Sunroom Forced Entry

Our windows include two heavy-duty latches for increased security against forced entry.

Water Infiltration
Sunroom Water Infiltration

Not a single drop of water passed over our window sill.

outdoor view of sunroom

Year-Round Rooms

Our standard room provides use throughout all seasons of the year, but does not mean that non-permanent supplemental heating or cooling may not be necessary. An extended-season sunroom means that all elements of the room work together to hold out colder temperatures through more days throughout the entire year and keep the room comfortable longer. These elements include the thermal roof, high-performance window systems and wall system, with its insulation and thermal break, and thermal break in the base channel. With an extended-season room, the warmth of a sunny winter day may provide all the heat that is necessary for daytime enjoyment.

However, non-permanent supplemental heat may be required to make the room comfortable during the evening, or on a particularly cold and cloudy winter day. All supplemental heating should be electric-based, as in electric baseboard heat, or electric simulated fireplaces. All wood-burning heat generators add moisture to the air, which can produce condensation on windows. Condensation naturally occurs when moist indoor air touches window glass cooled by outdoor temperatures.

The maximum insulation properties of the window systems used in our 306-SPF85 contribute to the extended seasonal use of the sunroom. HPG 2000 w/ SPF 85 (Solar Protection Factor) – double-pane I.G. window system, providing maximum-duty protection against heat/cold transfer and solar UV penetration. The 406-CCT85 is a thermally broken, double-pane insulated window unit that provides superior resistance against cold transferring from the outside to the rooms interior. In addition, it is designed to keep winters desirable warmth inside the room.

All Premier sunrooms utilize an exclusive thermal roof that contributes additional insulation performance, and overall structural strength.

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