Outward Swing vs. Inward Swing Doors

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Once you’ve decided that a new walk in tub is going to be a perfect addition to your home, you’ll need to decide on what type of walk in tub is the right choice for you. Walk in tubs are designed to meet each individuals unique needs. The first choice you will want to make is the type of door you will want on your walk in tub, outswing or inswing. In this article we will discuss the key benefits of both the outswing walk in tub and the inswing walk in tub, helping you make a decision on a walk-in tub that will meet your individual needs and is a perfect choice for you and your home.

Outward Swing Door

The outward swing style of door opens towards you when you enter the tub. Once seated in the tub the door shuts using a speciality desinged locking mechanism that creates a leak proof seal. The outward swing style allows the person bathing to enter the tub with ease. Because the door swings to the outside thier is nothing in between the user and the tubs seat. When seated in the tub the door can be easily closed from the inside. The outward style swing door gives you the added benefit that the door may be opened easily in case of an emergency. If your concerned that you may need a quick way out of your walk in tub then the outward swing style is the right chocie for you. Any style of walk in tub is going to be a benefit with those with limited mobility, but the outward swing tub provides the additional benefits to those who need extra space when entering the tub and to those who are concerned that they may need an emergency exit.

Inward Swing Tub

The inward swing style of door opens into the tub. Once seated in the tub the door is shut and the tub can be filled. This type of walk in tub is perfect for the person that has limited bathroom space. Since the door swings inward their is no need to worry about having extra space for the door. Because of the pressure the water puts on the door the inward swing style must be drained first before exiting. The rapid draining system offers a quick drain time unlike your standard tub.The Inward swing style of tub is an ecellent chocie for those who have a smaller bathroom or limited space.

Both styles of walk in tubs offer the user more independence and will allow them to perform their daily living tasks more independently. Whether you choose the outswing or inward style of walk in tub you can be certain that you are buying from the best. We offer the best constructed and most innovative products that are avaliable on the market today. We care about the craftsmanship of our products and all of our walk in tubs are made for lasting durability. If you would like to view the specifications on each tub please visit our website www.walkinbathtubsfl.com/walk-in-tubs/ where you will find the details and specifications on each walk in tub. Were here to assist you in finding the walk in tub that will be perfect for you. Please contact us online or give us a call at (813) 708-7560 if you have any questions or need help in choosing what walk in tub is right for you.

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