Different ways to Enjoy a Sunroom in Florida

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Different ways to Enjoy a Sunroom FL

How Can You Enjoy A New Sunroom?

You have made the decision to install a new sunroom, but have you given any thought to how you will use your new space? Relaxing and lounging around while enjoying your beautiful surroundings is a given, but why not make the most of your new sunroom by utilizing it for a specific purpose? At Lifestyle Remodeling, we’ve helped countless homeowners with installing and designing sunrooms that have helped them realize their remodeling dreams as well as fulfill their practical needs. Making the choice to install a sunroom is an exciting time! In this article, we will discuss a variety of different ways a Florida homeowner can enjoy their new sunroom.

Different ways you can Enjoy a Sunroom in Florida

At Lifestyle Remodeling, we assist each customer with choosing a sunroom design that is best for them. If you need advice, we offer a free design consultation and can help you plan how you will use your new sunroom. Many have chosen to have a space that is designed to entertain guests, and others make it a place where they can practice their favorite hobbies, others have wanted a space created for their children or grandchildren to play, a space that will create long-lasting family memories. All of our customers who have chosen to have a sunroom built and designed by Lifestyle Remodeling have one thing in common, they have all enjoyed spending time in their sunroom, on a year-round basis. A sunroom is a place where little upkeep is necessary and a space that allows them to take full advantage of living in beautiful sunny Florida.

1. A Room for Leisure & Relaxing

A sunroom is a glorious place to enjoy your morning cup of coffee, chat with friends, read a good book or stargaze at night. Sunrooms are a great place to take in some Vitamin D without being exposed to the elements. Relaxing in a sunroom helps to reduce stress and can help you enjoy the tranquility of the outdoors no matter what the weather is like outside. It’s no wonder the sunroom is often the most popular room in the home!

2. A Room to Entertain Family and Friends

A sunroom is a great place for family and friends to gather and enjoy each other. Sunrooms are a very popular choice with many Florida homeowners looking to add additional living space. Sunrooms offer a versatile place to entertain family and friends and a perfect place for family dinners and special events. A larger sunroom can be designed to provide an area that is big enough to hold large gatherings. Whether you’re having a few family and friends, large gathering, dinner party, holiday gathering or brunch, you will have it with a view of your outdoor space and your sunroom is sure to impress any guest!

3. Home Office

A sunroom can be a perfect place for a home office. As technology allows us to work from home remotely, more and more homeowners are looking to add home office space. Any size sunroom can be made into an inspiring workplace, turn your desk to face the outdoors, get a comfortable chair and your workspace is created. Having a home office in your sunroom is sure to lead to more productive work days and help inspire new ideas.

4. Playroom for the Kids

Do you need a place for your children to play and store their toys? Choosing your naturally bright sunroom is a perfect place for children of all ages to enjoy and an easy place to store their toys and creations. A few area rugs, a small table, and storage for toys are all that you really need. The area can be easily transformed into an area to have a child’s next birthday party. Parents enjoy using their sunroom as a playroom because it’s easy to keep an eye on their children, and toys can be stored without having them all over their traditional living space. The indoor sunroom space will keep away pesky mosquitos, allergies, pollen, harmful UV rays and changes in weather. The kids enjoy it and so do the parents. Making a playroom is a win-win for the entire family!

5. Guest Room to Accommodate Overnight Guests

A traditional guest room for the occasional overnight guest is a luxury that not everyone can easily afford. Utilizing a sunroom can be the perfect option for this need. Homeowners have the option to use their sunroom as an overnight guest room as well as their home office or entertaining room. Your sunroom can easily be transformed into the perfect space for your overnight guest by simply adding a few things. If you don’t have window treatments for your sunroom you can choose wall-mounted curtains, they are easy to use and are very budget friendly. A portable mattress or pull out couch can easily transform your sunroom space. If you’re planning on having frequent guests, a wall or murphy bed can be installed. These type beds are made specifically to stay out of sight when not in use and many designs come with elegant storage or desk options. Outfitting your sunroom as an overnight room is not difficult and is sure to be welcoming and comfortable for any overnight guest who stays in your home.

6. Fitness Room

The Florida heat can sometimes be a burden on many that love to exercise outdoors. A fitness room or gym in your sunroom is an ideal place that will allow you to enjoy the outdoors without the Florida heat, rain, or insects to spoil your workout. A sunroom can also be transformed into your very own yoga studio, a room to enjoy all of your favorite yoga poses and positions, all from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Being health conscious all year round is easy to do with a sunroom from Lifestyle Remodeling.

7. Game Room

If your home has children, or if you’re a child at heart, a sunroom provides the perfect space to play all year-round. Sunrooms offer a wide-open area with large windows that create a great atmosphere for parties, family game night or having friends over for poker night. The open floor plan of a sunroom allows for a pool table, ping pong table, and poker table to fit comfortably all while allowing ample space for all gamers. If you decide to connect your sunroom to your patio or deck you could create a BBQ and game night all in one, hosting both an outdoor and indoor party all at once! No matter what design you choose, a game room is a great option for any sunroom!

8. Theater Room to Watch Your Favorite Movies

You can easily turn your sunroom into a theater room where you can enjoy watching your favorite movies and sporting events with family and friends. Sunrooms although beautifully open and sunny can still be turned into a theater room quite easily. Motorized curtains or theater blinds are a good option when choosing window treatments for your sunroom/theater room. These curtains and blinds will allow the sun to be blocked out so glare and reflections will not hinder the picture on your TV or projection screen. To maximize the acoustics and improve sound quality in your sunroom by just choosing carpet or area rugs for the flooring is a great option. Adding these things to your sunroom will be sure to maximize sound and visual quality in your home theater for daytime or evening use.

9. Perfect Place For Growing Plants

A sunroom is a great place to enjoy your favorite plants all year long. Since sunrooms provide more natural light than any other room in your home, they create a perfect environment for growing most types of plants. By bringing your plants into your sunroom you are able to enjoy nature without having to expose yourself to the hot humid and at times rainy Florida climate. A sunroom is a perfect solution for people who may have limited mobility, but love to garden. Plants can be kept at a level that is easy to access making gardening and growing plants easy and fun for everyone. If outdoor allergies are a problem, you can handpick flowers and avoid any sensitivities that you may have to outdoor allergens.

10. A Room For Your Pets

Sunrooms are a great way to give your pets the sunshine they need while keeping them safe while you are away at work. Dogs and cats can enjoy the outdoor views without the heat and humidity of being kept in a screen room. From exotic birds, reptiles, fish and everything in between, animal lovers have a great option with sunroom. Certain size pet doors can be installed in the sunroom to allow easy access to the back yard. A sunroom is a perfect option for pet owners who are looking to create a special oasis for their pets to enjoy year-round.

If you’re ready to have a beautiful new sunroom for your Florida home, contact Lifestyle Remodeling today and schedule a free design consultation. We’ll go through all of your options and assist you with choosing a sunroom design that will be sure to accommodate your needs.

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