Sunroom Design – How do I know what sunroom style is best for my home?

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So you’re looking to build a sunroom and you want to know what sunroom design or style is right for you?

Many Florida home-owners are taking the next step and deciding to build a sunroom addition to their Florida home. After making this decision, they tend to find themselves doing a lot of online research trying to find out what sunroom design or style is right for them. In our last article, we talked about sunroom contractors and the importance of hiring the very best sunroom contractor to build your new glass room. In this article, we’re going to try and help you decide what sunroom design and style are right for you and your Florida home.

A Florida sunroom also commonly referred to as a Florida room, is the perfect solution for many Florida home-owners who may be looking for one of the best alternatives to a traditional stick-built room addition. With a sunroom, you get the opportunity to give your home the same additional living space, but rather than having your new room addition built using a traditional wood frame, your homes new room addition will be built using an innovative energy efficient window wall system that is custom designed to give your new room a very open view of the outdoors. Choosing a sunroom contractor that uses a custom, state of the art manufacturer, like TEMO Sunrooms, will often lead to a shorter on-site construction timeframe. This will also enhance the appearance and the performance of the sunroom. This is possible because approximately 80% of the custom sunroom is built in a factory controlled off-site setting. Imagine a place in your home where you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without ever having to take a step outside. It can be an exciting time making the decision and finally saying, “Yes, I’ve decided I want a new sunroom and now is the time to get it.” Though for many, it can be a daunting task to think about what type of style sunroom design to choose, who should I hire, and what types of sunroom designs are available for my style home? Your new sunroom design should be an accurate reflection of the style of your home as well as the rest of your homes décor. Lifestyle Remodeling is committed to helping their customers throughout the entire process from the initial free design consultation, installation, and completion of your new Florida sunroom.

Before we discuss the different sunroom design options that are available to you we would like to discuss what comes standard in every sunroom. A Florida sunroom is equipped with an insulated ceiling, glass windows, and insulated walls. These are unique features that traditional patios, lanai’s and screen rooms cannot offer. When choosing to build an addition to your home a sunroom is a great option especially if you are interested in expanding the amount of living space to your home. A sunroom is also an excellent choice if you are looking for a room addition that gives you the same great views as an outdoor patio or lanai but also gives you the ability to have climate control, electrical options, and heating & cooling choices for your new sunroom as well as protection from the elements. Your new sunroom will be built using the most innovative products, energy efficient windows, and a window wall system that is the best on the market today! At Lifestyle Remodeling, we specialize in a wide variety of sunroom designs and three of our most popular sunroom designs include the cathedral sunroom, studio sunroom, and patio enclosure. Next, we will describe our most popular sunroom designs and some FAQs that will help you decide on what style sunroom design is right for you.

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Gable / Cathedral Sunroom Design

The cathedral, or commonly called the “Gable” sunroom design features a vaulted ceiling. The vaulted ceiling of the cathedral sunroom design increases the amount of natural lighting and space. The cathedral sunroom offers an affordable and unique design element to complement any home. A cathedral sunroom can blend seamlessly into your home or can stand out as the featured area or room of your home. The cathedral sunroom design is the sunroom of choice for many Florida home-owners looking for a sunroom design that offers a wide-open look and feel. The amount of natural light this sunroom design offers is in itself enough reason to choose this type of sunroom style. The vaulted ceilings of the cathedral sunroom design not only offer a larger increased view of the surrounding outdoors, they also offer climate control, protection from the suns harmful UV rays, as well as protection from the heat, wind, rain, and any pesky mosquitos!

Studio Sunroom Design

The Studio Sunroom design features a slightly angled or sloped roof. The roof of this particular sunroom design is commonly referred to as a straight eave roof and its angle can depend on the angle of your home’s existing roof. Some studio sunroom design is built with a Structurally Insulated Panel (SIP) system that provides added insulation and also allows the roof to be flatter without the need for an attic space. Unlike the cathedral sunroom design that meets at a point, the roof of the studio sunroom design offers a gentle slope. The studio sunroom design has a roof that is single sloped and is typically attached to the home itself or to the fascia and can be easily adapted to almost any existing structure or design. Many Florida homeowners like the studio sunroom design because it can be added seamlessly to just about any home design and appears to be a natural extension of an existing home. The studio sunroom design is a very popular sunroom style and can be used as a family room, living room, dining room, home office, yoga or fitness studio, library or whatever else you may think of where you would like to have more natural light and the feeling of being outdoors with the comfort of being indoors. The Cathedral and Studio style Sunroom designs are both excellent options and choosing the right sunroom design for you and your home is an important decision to make.

Studio sunroom design

Lanai / Patio Enclosure Sunroom Design Under Existing Roof

Do you have an outdoor patio or lanai that is connected to your home? Does your outdoor lanai or patio area rarely get used? Are you’re always feeling limited to when and how this outdoor area can be used? Many Florida homeowners find this outdoor patio or lanai area to be such a big waste of space. Imagine transforming this area of your home into a very spacious patio enclosure sunroom design that can offer you and your family 365 days of unlimited use. This popular sunroom design can be custom built for just about any Florida home that already has an outdoor lanai or patio with an existing roof. An excellent way to make the most out of this space is to enclose it with a custom sunroom design that uses an energy efficient window wall system. The patio enclosure sunroom design gives homeowners the ability to enclose an outdoor lanai or patio by installing a nearly floor-to-ceiling window/wall system with the choice of either high-performance glass or acrylic window panels. By installing a custom sunroom design like a patio enclosure, you will be creating a very modern and spacious living area from your already existing lanai or patio. This sunroom design is a perfect solution for Florida homeowners who still want to stay connected to the outdoors but want the comfort and protection that comes with living indoors. There are many benefits of a patio enclosure such as:

  • Enjoy your room all year round
  • Add value to your home
  • Increased privacy and security
  • Keep unwanted insects, bugs, and debris out
  • Protection for your furniture and décor
  • and more….

Patio Enclosure Sunroom Design

At Lifestyle Remodeling, we always put our customer’s interest first and stay committed to providing only the very best in customer service, high-quality products, and services. We encourage you to read our customer reviews and visit our sunroom before & after gallery of sunroom projects that we have completed. If you are ready to build a sunroom addition to your Florida home or if you have any questions please contact Lifestyle Remodeling at (813) 448-3711 today or contact us online.

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