How much does it cost to build a sunroom?

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cost to build a sunroom florida

Florida Room & Sunroom Cost – So what does it cost to build a sunroom?

In our previous article, we talked about sunroom design and provided homeowners with some useful information to help them choose a sunroom style that is best for their home. In this article, we’re going to discuss how much it costs to build a sunroom and how the price of a sunroom is determined.

So you’re looking to build a sunroom and want to know how much it is going to cost you? The cost to build a sunroom is going to vary greatly depending on a variety of different variables that are involved. This typically includes the type of sunroom design you choose (ex. gable/cathedral sunroom vs. studio sunroom), type of windows you install (ex. glass windows vs. acrylic windows) type of add-ons and accessories. Finishes and materials used can also play a role in determining your overall sunroom cost. What type of contractor you hire (ex. general contractor vs. tradesman/aluminum sub-contractor) is also a factor in the pricing of the sunroom project. Identifying up front who will be responsible for obtaining permits, code requirements and insurance are considerations that many homeowners overlook in factoring the cost. Like most other home improvement services, you typically “get what you pay for” and the amount of expertise, as well as the sunroom contractors fees, will vary greatly. Being able to provide an exact cost to build a sunroom without receiving a Free Consultation is impossible since a variety of contributing factors must be considered before a sunroom contractor is able to give you a realistic estimate outlining the cost to build your new sunroom.

Professional vs Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Building a sunroom addition onto your Florida home can be a do-it-yourself (DIY) project, with many manufacturers offering “sunroom kits”. Quite often these on-line “sunroom kits” will not meet Florida engineering standards and building code and wind requirements. It is definitely recommended that you hire a professional sunroom contractor for a number of reasons. How many times do you see an idea for a home remodeling project and then you consider taking on the challenge of doing-it-yourself only to find out halfway through the project you’re feeling overwhelmed and well in over your head? Many homeowners will find themselves spending a lot more time and money than they had originally planned for. It always looks much easier watching a DIY sunroom video online or seeing a finished sunroom project in a magazine. When the “sunroom kit” or “Florida room kit” arrives, most homeowners don’t realize roof connection points, proper fastening and foundation requirements, and permitting and code requirements. Costs can escalate quickly with fines from the building department and also the Homeowners Association. Not to mention the frustration with trying to put together all the hundreds of parts and pieces that arrive. Many Florida homeowners learn that a DIY sunroom project doesn’t always translate into being the most realistic or cost-effective approach to building a sunroom addition. This is one main reason why it is super beneficial to consider hiring a licensed professional sunroom contractor to build your new sunroom.

A very frequent question we see often is “Do you need a permit to build a sunroom in Florida?” It is often a misconception that sunrooms don’t require a licensed contractor to pull permits. In fact, installing any size or style sunroom addition onto your Florida home definitely requires a licensed contractor to secure proper permitting that is legally required by the state of Florida in order to make sure every aspect of the build meets or exceeds your county and Florida state building codes. It’s always best to hire a professional licensed sunroom contractor for these reasons.

cost to build a sunroom florida

Sunroom Size and Style

When it comes to building a Florida room, sunroom or lanai enclosure there are many factors that contribute to how much it cost to build a new sunroom. The size and style of the sunroom are two of the biggest factors that make up the cost that is associated with building a new sunroom addition.

How big will your sunroom be?

When you’re planning your budget to build a sunroom, you need to consider many different variables, including the size of the sunroom addition. Are you looking to build a smaller sunroom that will serve as a craft room or home office with natural light? Or maybe your planning to build a much larger sunroom addition that will serve as an entertainment room for your family and friends when they come over to visit. No matter your plans, the larger you go, the more costly your new sunroom will be. The bigger your sunroom addition the more planning, materials, and labor are involved in building your new sunroom, all of which drive up the price. Typically, the bigger the sunroom addition the higher the cost will be. However, size is not the only determining factor when it comes to cost for a sunroom. There are several other important contributing factors/variables that make up the cost that is associated with building a sunroom addition that includes:

  • Engineering and architectural
  • Excavation, demolition and site-preparation costs can vary depending on the amount of work that needs to go into the prepping.
  • Pouring concrete footings and a slab foundation
  • How the sunroom will be connected to the home and roof line
  • Type of Window Wall System
  • Type of glass package needed
  • Finishes and accessories
  • Electrical outlets in sunroom
  • Heating & Cooling options

Yard and Home Exterior Conditions

If your Florida home already has an attached patio or lanai that is under an existing roof and you’re looking to convert it into a spacious sunroom, you could be at an advantage and of course, the lanai or patio must be in good condition. This type of Florida room design is commonly referred to as a patio enclosure or lanai enclose. Many Florida homeowners that currently have an existing house roof over their lanai can enclose under this area with an insulated sunroom window wall system. Generally, this can be a savings.

Additionally, the exterior of your home may need to have some excavation, demolition, and site-preparation prior to pouring the sunroom foundation and footers. The terrain surrounding your home may need to be engineered to have a slope created in order to prevent water from piling up around the sunroom.

What Does It Cost To Build A Florida Room?

Type of Window Wall System Installed

Sunrooms can often be called or referred to by names like glass rooms and acrylic rooms, this is usually because of the type of windows installed. The cost of a sunroom can also be determined by the amount of glazing that is included in the sunroom design. For example, floor to ceiling glass, upper transoms, and lower transoms, or does the sunroom have a knee wall with windows above. Both high-performance glass room enclosures and acrylic room enclosures are two of the most popular sunrooms installed in Florida today. A glass sunroom or glass room will typically cost more than a vinyl or acrylic sunroom. Glass sunrooms cost more but offer more substantial durability and your glass sunroom can be used all year-round and can be climate controlled.

Cost is something we all deal with especially when it comes to choosing sunroom windows. Acrylic windows are more affordable and cost less than glass windows. The cost of an acrylic window in most cases is lower in comparison to an equivalent size glass window. One reason acrylic windows are less expensive is that glass is thicker and weighs more. Sometimes homeowners have to stay within a budget and acrylic sunrooms are a good alternative to glass as the next best option. Unlike a glass sunroom, an acrylic sunroom is not meant to be used all year-round. The acrylic sunroom windows have a tendency to bow if climate control is introduced and there is outside heat.

Click the link below for more information about Glass Windows vs Acrylic Windows for Florida Sunroom.

Sunrooms – Glass Windows vs. Acrylic Windows

Agree on the Florida Room Cost and Payment Schedule at the Start

Always make sure that you get everything in writing. First, agree on a total amount before discussing anything further. It’s reasonable for sunroom contractors to require some money in advance, and then again after specific stages during the course of the project. Be aware that putting out too much money could put you at risk, and giving too little could put your contractor at risk. It’s a delicate situation, but one that should be precisely agreed upon before anybody begins any work. The best way to avoid most problems is to hire a reputable sunroom contractor who builds the best sunrooms in Florida and Tampa Bay area. Reviews, reviews, and more reviews. If you see a customer review or testimonial online on Google or another qualified website telling potential customers to stay away, we recommend that you heed their warning. On the other hand, if you see a sunroom company like Lifestyle Remodeling who is consistently receiving 5-star customer reviews as well as prestigious sunroom awards like the 2017 National “Best of The Best” Sunroom Award for sunroom design & installation then it is most likely in your favor to give them a call.

We invite you to read our Customer Reviews and testimonials and we welcome inquiries about all the work we have done. Lifestyle Remodeling truly cares about our customers and their satisfaction. If you would like to learn more about why you should choose Lifestyle Remodeling to install your Tampa Bay Sunroom? Please contact us online or call (813) 708-8983 today to receive a free consultation and to learn more about our sunroom products and services we offer in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

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