Building a Sunroom Addition onto my Florida home

By Published On: October 8, 20174.7 min read
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Are you a Florida homeowner looking to have a sunroom addition built?

So you’re looking to build a sunroom addition onto your Florida Home. Building a sunroom also known as a Florida Room has many benefits to homeowners and is an excellent opportunity to increase your homes living space, curb appeal, the value of your home and experience many years of enjoyment. In our previous article we discussed, Who Builds the Best Sunrooms In Florida and Tampa Bay Area? In this article, we are going to discuss some useful tips and helpful information that will help guide you in the process of building a sunroom addition onto your Florida home.

How are you going to use your new sunroom addition?

  • Extra space to enjoy family and friends
  • TV & game room
  • A room to sit and enjoy panoramic views of the outdoors in a controlled environment
  • Home office
  • Craft room
  • A room for children and grandchildren to play
  • A personal fitness or exercise room
  • A room to enjoy your favorite plants and flowers

Building a Sunroom Addition Onto My Florida Home

Building a sunroom addition onto your Florida home gives you the ability to enjoy your Glass Room throughout the entire year. There are many ways to enjoy your new sunroom addition and no matter how you decide to use it, there are no boundaries. Your Four Season Sunroom addition will be built to withstand the climate in Florida all year long.

Who do I hire to build my new sunroom addition onto my Florida home?

While there are many companies who claim to build sunrooms in Florida, there are only a handful of licensed contractors who specialize in building sunrooms. It is very important to hire a sunroom contractor who has both expertise and experience in building high-quality sunroom additions onto Florida homes. It is equally important to make sure the license holder of the business is an active officer of the company, not just a “qualifier”. So how do you know who builds the best sunrooms in Florida and the Tampa Bay area? By interviewing potential contractors and by asking them questions that will help you determine who builds sunrooms professionally and who doesn’t. A very good question to ask is ” how long have you been installing sunrooms in Florida?” By asking this question it will help determine whether the contractor is an aluminum company with little to no experience or a professional sunroom contractor with many years of experience building sunrooms in Florida.

What is the difference between an inexperienced contractor and a professional sunroom contractor?

A professional sunroom contractor will use a custom manufactured and engineered sunroom system. Many inexperienced contractors and aluminum companies tend to use a “stick-built” approach by combining a variety of different manufacturers, parts, and pieces to build their sunrooms. Often this results in the contractor or aluminum company trying to find the cheapest and most readily available materials to build the sunroom and most products and services are typically not backed by a warranty. This will also result in the extremely poor performance of the sunroom as well as unsightly connections that don’t properly match. By choosing a professional sunroom contractor such as “Lifestyle Remodeling” you not only receive the highest quality products and materials, you also receive an exclusive “Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty.”

Reviews, Reviews, and more Reviews…

We cannot stress enough the importance of getting verified customer reviews prior to hiring a sunroom contractor to build your new sunroom addition onto your Florida home. By reading online sunroom reviews from verified websites like Google, the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and Customer Lobby you will be able to read reviews written by actual customers who have had sunrooms built by companies in Florida and the Tampa Bay area. These websites are an excellent source to read the trusted customer reviews and testimonials because they require the consumers account to be verified before a review can be shared online. Google is a great place to start searching for online sunroom customer reviews in Florida so you can narrow your search to companies located in your area.

What choices do I have when it comes to building a sunroom addition onto my Florida home?

So you’re interested in building a sunroom addition onto your Florida home and want to know what choices you have? There are several different sunroom styles to choose from. The style of the sunroom is typically defined by the type of roof you choose. The two most popular sunroom styles among Florida homeowners is the Cathedral Sunroom and the Studio Sunroom. Both choices are an excellent way to add additional living space as well as increase the value of your home. Another sunroom style that is popular among Florida homeowners is building a sunroom addition under an existing roof, this style sunroom is also referred to as a patio enclosure, porch enclosure or lanai enclosure.

Building A Sunroom Addition Onto My Home In Florida

At Lifestyle Remodeling, we handle all aspects of building a sunroom addition to your Florida home. We work diligently throughout the entire process from start to finish. This includes obtaining all of the sunroom permits as well as scheduling any necessary inspections. At Lifestyle Remodeling, we always put our customer’s interest first and are committed to providing the very best in customer service, high-quality products, and services. We encourage you to read our customer reviews and visit our sunroom’s before & after sunroom gallery of projects that have been completed. If you are ready to build a sunroom addition onto your Florida home or if you have any questions please contact “Lifestyle Remodeling at (813) 708-8983 today or contact us online.”

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