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By Published On: June 28, 20175 min read
Glass Room Tampa

Is A Glass Room Right For You?

Are you thinking about adding more space to your Florida home but don’t want to commit to the cost and time that it typically takes to build a more costly traditional room addition? Consider a Glass Room. There are many benefits to installing a glass room. In this article, we will discuss some of these benefits and why installing a glass room might be the best choice for you and your family.

Custom Designed For all Four Seasons with 365 Days of Year-Round Use

Does your Florida home have an outdoor Patio or Lanai area? If you answered yes, then you likely may feel that you are limited to the choices you may have especially if you are looking for additional living space. Though an outdoor patio or lanai area can offer some beneficial use, they don’t offer you the benefit of additional living space. A custom designed glass room offers all of this and more! Glass room enclosures are an excellent way to transform your outdoor patio or lanai area into a brand new room addition. A glass room enclosure is perfect for all four seasons and will provide you and your family with 365 days of year-round use.

Glass Room Tampa

Perhaps you are interested in building a new glass room from the ground up? Or maybe you are wanting to enclose your existing patio or lanai into a spacious glass room enclosure? Either reason is a wonderful opportunity to gain additional comfortable living space that will provide you with the security of the indoors as well as provide you with the benefits of natural sunlight. Your floor-to-ceiling views of the beautiful outdoors will provide you and your family with additional comfortable living space, and will easily become the most popular room in the home.

Protection From Insects, Bugs & Natures Elements

Making the decision to install a Glass Room will give you the opportunity to start enjoying the beauty of the outdoors “indoor” making it a perfect addition to any Florida home. With a glass room, you no longer have to worry about those pesky unwanted insects and bugs. A Glass room will provide you with the feeling that you are outdoors while keeping those annoying pesky bugs where they belong. From the morning cup of coffee to an evening under the stars, a glass room will provide you with protection from those pesky bugs while still feeling close to the outdoors all day long.

Florida, especially in the summer time is prone to a great amount of rain and humidity. A glass room will give you the most protection from these elements. Rain and sometimes wind can damper anyone’s outdoor party or BBQ plans. With a glass room addition which will bring the party indoors has never been more easy and enjoyable. Rain, wind, or heat will never ruin another family get together or outdoor party again. No guest or homeowner wants to be swatting at mosquitos all evening or being exposed to sweltering heat and humidity, with a glass room there is no need to worry any longer about any of Florida’s elements putting a damper on your party or family get together.

Glass Room

You be in charge, don’t let Mother Nature decide for you.

A Glass Room installed by Lifestyle Remodeling lets you choose the level of comfort you desire!

Add Value to your Home with a Glass Room

With Lifestyle Remodeling, we only use the most superior glass products for installing your glass room. This will add value to your property by increasing the amount of useable space. It is also more cost effective than a costly traditional room addition.

Another great benefit of a glass room is that if you should choose to sell your Florida home in the future, your glass room will be sure to give you an excellent return on your investment.

The Quality of the Glass We Use

All of our glass rooms are our designed using the very best glass available on the market today. Our glass rooms are built using Zone High-Performance Tempered Safety Glass with UVP. This type of glass offers superior performance for comfort control throughout the seasons. The glass that we use to build our glass rooms is four times stronger than conventional glass. The glass we use has UV shields that protect against any interior solar damage that standard glass doesn’t offer. Our glass is specially designed to let you experience the brightness of the sun with keeping you and your home safer against UV rays. All of the glass we install in our glass rooms is specially treated to reduce cleaning and maintenance. Specially designed double-pane glass upgrade is also available.

A new glass room or glass enclosure will offer unlimited seasonal use as well as the ability to enjoy a variety of benefits throughout the entire year. The beautiful panoramic views of the outside will be fully visible with your glass room. A glass room installed by Lifestyle Remodeling ensures that you’re getting the very best. We take pride in our high level of customer satisfaction from the highest quality of materials that we use to the most experienced professional installers. If you are thinking that a glass room might be the perfect choice for you and your Florida home, then Lifestyle Remodeling is the company you want to call. Please give us a call anytime at (813) 588-5275 to schedule a FREE design consultation or contact us online.

Glass Room Features:

  1. Single and Double pane glass options
  2. High-performance engineering – Superior environment control
  3. Technology that blocks UV rays – Protects interior furnishings
  4. Thermal core – High-density EPS
  5. TEMKOR – Ultra-durable polymer interior/exterior surface
  6. Hidden Fastener System – Minimizes visible screws
  7. Interlocking roof panel connection system – Structural integrity, longevity, leak resistance
  8. Roof Coating – Protects against scratches, corrosion, fading
  9. Welded-corner seams – Lifetime construction, sag-resistant
  10. Limited-lifetime transferrable warranty
  11. Color choices: White, Sandstone, and Bronze
  12. Roof choices: Studio and Cathedral
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