Do you need a permit to build a Sunroom in Florida?

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Hiring a Licensed Contractor to pull Sunroom Permits

Are you looking to build a sunroom? Hiring a contractor for your Florida Sunroom is a very important decision to make. In this article, we’re going to discuss sunroom permits and why hiring a “licensed contractor” is important and the risks associated with hiring an unlicensed contractor.

Do you need a permit to build a Sunroom in Florida?

Sunrooms are a fantastic alternative to traditional brick and mortar room additions. Sunrooms are becoming more and more popular with many Florida homeowners looking to add additional living space to their Florida home. A very frequent question we see often is “Do you need a permit to build a sunroom in Florida?” It is often a misconception that sunrooms or Florida rooms don’t require a licensed contractor to pull permits. In fact building, any size or style sunroom addition to your home in the state of Florida will definitely require a licensed contractor to pull the proper permitting that is legally required by the state of Florida in order to build your sunroom to meet certain county and Florida state building codes.

Why Hire a Licensed Contractor?

When hiring a contractor for your Florida Sunroom it’s extremely important to hire a “licensed contractor.” A licensed contractor means the contractor has passed a competency test by the state of Florida which ensures the person has had the required education, holds insurance, and meets the standard qualifications to perform the job. All licensed contractors are also screened for previous criminal history prior to the examination. If professional standards are not upheld by the contractor the state has the right to discipline, fine, or revoke their license. Licensed contractors provide you with the security that an unlicensed contractor cannot. A signed legal contract between the two parties is a form of security that only licensed contractors can offer you. All licensed contractors have a license number on a card from the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation.

Licensed contractors are required to abide by the state of Florida Building Codes. There are several purposes of building codes and all licensed contractors understand they must strictly abide by these codes.

Sunroom Building Codes

  • Building Codes are regulated by the State, and at times the county or city may have additional codes that they enforce within their jurisdiction.
  • Building codes and standards must be specifically adhered to when constructing or making any additions to a home like a sunroom or a patio enclosure.
  • The standards of codes are selected for the intended use of the product which includes the strength, durability, quality, and effectiveness of materials used to build your new sunroom or patio enclosure.
  • Building Codes are designed for the safety and health of all who use or enter the sunroom addition. Licensed sunroom contractors are familiar with building codes and are required to strictly adhere to these codes.

Choosing A Licensed Contractor

Choosing a contractor is an important decision. Before hiring a licensed contractor for your Florida Sunroom ask them to see their DBPR license (Department of Business & Professional Regulation). Asking if the licensed contractor is a working officer of the company or just a license holding “qualifier” that is not involved in the day to day operations of the company is also an important question to ask. An experienced sunroom contractor should have several references and be happy to show them to you as well as provide you with samples of all materials used on the sunroom project. The contractor should also disclose the name of the manufacturer, discuss if the room is custom built or “stick built”, and go over warranty information.

A licensed sunroom contractor will complete the appropriate permit applications to the county or city you reside in. If a licensed contractor says that they cannot do this process then it’s best to move on and obtain another quote. Permits are extremely important and a quality licensed sunroom contractor should explain the process in detail and answer any questions that you may have.


  • Building Permits are regulated by the County as well as the city you reside in.
  • Almost every county in Florida requires some type of permit for a sunroom.
  • The size and at times the location of the sunroom can be factors in determining how many permits will be required.

Dangers of Hiring an Unlicensed Sunroom Contractor

Unlicensed Contractors have not passed a state competency test and do not hold a license by the state of Florida, therefore, they lack the education and knowledge of a licensed contractor. When hiring an unlicensed contractor consumers are taking a huge risk to their property and their pocketbook.

Contractors that are unlicensed may claim they can get the job done the cheapest and the fastest. Unfortunately, many people get stooped into thinking they’re getting a great deal when in fact they could end up losing thousands or more. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation states: “If you pay someone to construct a building or a structure, make structural alterations to load bearing walls, or perform services such as plumbing or air conditioning work, that person has to have a state contractors license.”

How do you protect yourself?

The state of Florida offers a free resource to verify a contractors license. Verifying a contractor’s license can be done by visiting the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations website at Consumers can also check previous complaints against contractors. This is an excellent resource that the state of Florida provides at no charge. We highly encourage everyone to take the time and research their sunroom contractor before making the important decision to hire.

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