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Sunroom Contractor

Are you looking for the best Sunroom Contractor?

You have made the decision to build a sunroom and it is a very important decision. Just as important is making sure that you hire the very best sunroom contractor to build a sunroom addition onto your Florida home. In a previous article, we talked about who builds the best sunrooms in Florida and the Tampa Bay area. In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the important things that you should consider when hiring a sunroom contractor for your new Florida sunroom. We’ll discuss the steps you should take in hiring a sunroom contractor as well as some questions you should ask when interviewing sunroom contractors.

Before interviewing sunroom contractors it’s important to first establish what your wants, needs, and goals are for your Florida sunroom. You will want to think about the type of sunroom style that is best for you and your home. The style of the sunroom is typically defined by the type of roof you choose. The two most popular sunroom styles among many Florida homeowners is the Cathedral Sunroom and the Studio Sunroom. So how do you know what sunroom style is best for you and your home? This is why it’s very important to choose a sunroom contractor who is highly commended by others and offers a FREE In-Home Design Consultation. By setting up a free no obligation consultation with a professional sunroom contractor that will be able to personally evaluate your home and discuss the pros and cons that come with each style sunroom as it pertains to your specific home and needs.

Sunroom Contractor

What about the patio area you have attached to your home?

This is an excellent question to ask a sunroom contractor. If you have a patio or a lanai that has an existing house roof over it, then a sunroom contractor will probably recommend another popular sunroom option referred to as a patio enclosure or lanai enclosure. This popular sunroom style gives Florida homeowners an opportunity to transform their home patio area into a very spacious room enclosure that can be used 365 days a year. Many Florida homeowners choose to add a sunroom to their home because they desire extra living space that comes with natural light.

Transforming a seldom-used outdoor patio area into a custom window/wall system for your home offers year-round space. A custom-built window/wall system creates indoor space out of your covered patio area allowing you to still feel connected to the outdoors with floor to ceiling window panels. With a custom built patio/lanai enclosure, you will no longer need to worry about unwanted pollen, bugs, debris, or the unpredictable weather that comes with living in Florida. An experienced sunroom contractor can customize all of the window heights and widths to allow your patio enclosure design to blend seamlessly into the architecture of your home.

You will want to think about all of the changes that you’ll want to have done to your home. Deciding on how large of a sunroom you want as well as the style of the sunroom you desire is important. Any questions or concerns you may have about your new sunroom is to make a note of them and keep it handy for when your interviewing sunroom contractors. Hiring the right sunroom contractor from the start is by far one of the most important decisions that you’ll make. Interviewing sunroom contractors is a very important step in this process. A qualified sunroom contractor will be able to provide you a comprehensive evaluation as well as be able to explain the process in detail at the time of the interview. Next, we’ll review some of the other important things that should be considered when choosing your sunroom contractor.

Look at Past Projects

A qualified sunroom contractor should be more than happy and proud to show you examples of their past work sometimes referred to as a before & after project portfolio. When reviewing the sunroom contractors past work it is important to pay attention to the quality and the consistency of their work. A sunroom contractor that shows versatility and variety in their work are important. An experienced and qualified sunroom contractor should be able to make your sunroom addition feel like it is part of the original construction of your home. Reviewing photos of past projects can give you a great idea of what your new sunroom would look like if you chose that particular sunroom contractor.

Look at the Reviews

What former customers think about their sunroom contractor’s work speaks volumes about their work and customer satisfaction. We are fortunate that with today’s technology we are able to easily access customer reviews online. Websites such as Google Plus, Facebook, Customer Lobby, Better Bussiness Bureau and Angie’s List allows us easier access to prior customer reviews. A sunroom contractor’s reviews should include reliable customer service, professionalism, punctuality and the ability to deliver the sunroom that was promised to them in a timely manner. A high-quality sunroom contractor should have all of these qualities noted in their reviews. A good sunroom contractor is proud of their reputation. Also, make sure to ask for the names and phone numbers of current (in the past 30 days) and former customers. Then take the time to give them a call and ask about their experience.

Financial Questions

Discussing financials about your sunroom project should be clearly understood and should be in writing with both you and the sunroom contractor agreeing to the terms. Contractors that ask for a large lump sum of money, in the beginning, is a red flag. Most reputable Sunroom Contractors offer some type of payment plan or financing options. Payment schedules can tell a lot about a contractor’s work ethic and financial status. For larger projects like a sunroom, a good sunroom contractor should always have payment plans available as well as financing options. It is important to discuss the payment plans in detail with your sunroom contractor and settle any questions about costs and financing before starting any project. A substantially lower bid on a sunroom should also be a red flag and a concern. Sunroom Contractors that present you with an extremely low bid are likely cutting corners or are desperate for work. A Sunroom contractor that you are comfortable with should also offer fair and competitive pricing which is always the best route.

Ask Questions

Having a list of questions to ask the sunroom contractor at your consultation can save you a lot of time and also help determine what sunroom contractor is the right fit for you. Sunroom contractors should also be asking you questions such as your wants, needs and the desired outcome you expect from your new sunroom. Qualified and trustworthy sunroom contractors should provide everything in writing to you and be upfront about their costs, explain the details about the project, as well as the projected amount of time it will take to complete the project. All of these details should be written down and presented to you after the initial consultation. During the initial consultation, it is very important that the sunroom contractor should also be able to show you that their company is licensed and insured.

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