What Is a Florida Room?

By Published On: February 13, 20245.7 min read
Florida Room

Homeowners want outdoor rooms and amenities more now than ever before. While previously a large, green backyard was what homeowners desired, in 2022, less than 30% of National Association of Home Builders survey respondents said this was the type of space they sought. 

Instead, nearly three-quarters of respondents opted for a covered outdoor room or patio. 

As of today, the Florida room is an outdoor living feature that architects regularly include in their residential home designs. 

What is a Florida room? Read on to learn all there is to know! 

What Is a Florida Room? 

Florida rooms, also known as sunrooms, patio rooms, or three-season rooms, are enclosed living spaces with a roof and one or more glass or screen walls. They allow plenty of natural light and fresh air into the room while protecting it from the following: 

  • Dirt and debris 
  • Inclement weather 
  • Pests 
  • The sun 

While homeowners previously used basic screen or soft vinyl enclosures to create their Florida rooms, these days, there are many technological advances in glass and insulated properties and components.  This now allows Florida homeowners to experience the effects of being outdoors without exposure to the elements. 

They’ve become the epitome of outdoor living spaces and one of the most sought-after features of any home, especially in the Sunshine State. 


How to Keep the Heat Out of Your Florida Room 

Florida gets extremely hot and humid; thus, many Florida rooms that are not properly insulated result in homeowners not utilizing and enjoying their Florida room.  

As Florida rooms typically don’t connect to the home’s heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system, with the proper insulation and high-performance glass, many homeowners get more comfort and usage out of their Florida rooms. Some even use independent portable cooling systems to achieve a four-season sunroom space. 

On the other hand, in Florida’s fall and winter seasons, windows can be opened to allow the fresh cool air with full screen options. 

Ultimately, a designer can help you determine the best materials for your sunroom based on your needs, lifestyle and budget and how you plan to use the space. 

Does a Florida Room Add Value to Your House? 

Several sunroom categories exist, and they all add value to your home, since these spaces are in high demand. In fact, the average return for a sunroom addition is greater than most major home improvements. Yet, a screen cage or screen room with fewer features may see a lower return than a well-designed three- or four-season sunroom. 

Notably, most Florida homeowners would like to enjoy the outdoors without dealing with the heat, humidity, dust, insects, and occasional inclement weather. This makes Florida rooms a desired addition for Florida residents. Realtors often highlight homes that showcase well-built and well-designed Florida rooms. With so many people moving to Florida and wanting to enjoy the Florida lifestyle, Florida rooms will always be in high demand.  

What Is a Florida Room Used For? 

The uses for your Florida room are limitless. Really, the functionality of these rooms is one of the reasons so many homeowners demand them! Some common sunroom uses include: 

  • Home office 
  • Playroom / Gameroom 
  • TV Room 
  • Second living room 
  • Exercise room 
  • Craft room 

Many use their Florida room for relaxation and/or to entertain. You may find some sunrooms with a full bar or filled to the brim with plants. 

If you have an idea of how you’d like to use your Florida room, we can make that dream a reality! 

How to Build a Florida Room 

Building a sunroom addition is more than conceptualizing the design. You must also choose the place, materials, and features to include. 

Placement and Material Selection 

First, determine the best location for your new Florida room. This spot usually comes off the rear of the property through the rear exterior doors. This is typically where you want to build the sunroom. Although the back of the house is ideal, the side will work as well, depending on your property setbacks. A well-qualified sunroom contractor will give you the best options and recommendations. 

Next, you must choose which materials to use for the frame, walls, windows, and roof. The materials you choose will largely determine your Florida room performance, comfort and year-round use. 

You’ll need to choose which glass window options you want. While single-pane glass is an available choice, you’ll probably want to consider high performance insulated glass to keep out the Florida heat. 

Also, look for glass that has UV-ray protection which will help reduce glare, fading, and discoloration of furniture.  


The most exciting part of the process is selecting which features to add to your Florida room. Skylights are prevalent in sunrooms as they allow more light into the space and give you the opportunity to stargaze at night. 

Running electricity for your new Florida room can add outlets, lighting and ceiling fans. Choosing floor to ceiling glass windows with full screens can achieve the outdoor feel while maintaining indoor comfort. For entertainment purposes, many homeowners will install a large flat screen TV or create a game room with pool table and darts!   

Not every amenity needs to be grand. Even selecting the perfect lighting and furniture can turn your space into a small slice of paradise. 

Florida Room Design Ideas and Tips 

So, what does a Florida room look like? With everything we’ve said thus far, you know about a sunroom’s functionality and placement, but what about its look? 

As with all things sunrooms, the design ideas are endless. A Florida room design has many options, from cathedral ceilings to custom glass transoms and more. Whether the space is modern and chic or cozy and classic, it’s up to you. 

Here’s a tip: it is very important to find and choose the right sunroom contractor for your project. Make sure you see materials and many before and after photos of actual projects the contractor has completed in Florida. It’s always smart to check for licenses and insurance and read company reviews online. 

Your Florida room experience should be an exciting time, from the planning stages through completion. Florida rooms will give you many years of enjoyment with family and friends! 

Expand Your Living Space with Lifestyle Remodeling 

Since we’ve answered the question, “What is a Florida room?” The next best question to ponder is when you’ll start your Florida room addition. Luckily, the team at Lifestyle Remodeling is here to help! We’re the premier sunroom contractor and remodeling company in Tampa, Florida, providing high-quality and affordable products and installation services. 

Call today for a free consultation to discuss your project. Our team of designers will also provide a free quote based on the initial discussion. 

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