Are Sunrooms a Pet-Friendly Addition?

By Published On: October 5, 20191.9 min read
Are Sunrooms Pet-Friendly Additions

A sunroom can be the perfect room addition for you and your pet.

Are you looking for a room that you and your pet can use year-round regardless of the outside temperature, a Florida Sunroom might be the right choice for you. A Florida sunroom will allow your pets to enjoy the benefits of the natural light of the outdoors during every even in Florida’s sometimes inclement weather. Because you can control the temperature of your space, a Florida Sunroom allows your dog, cat, bird, or other small pet the perfect retreat.

A Florida Sunroom will provide an amazing as well as comfortable views, so your pets will easily enjoy the outdoors without having to jump and scratch your walls to look out of windows. Adding a Florida Sunroom will allow your pets to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors without the pesky mosquitos or other bugs. A Florida sunroom or patio enclosure is a comfortable space for you and your pet to share together without having to worry about safety or comfort. Does your pet tend to dash for the front door when its opened? A Florida Sunroom can also be your pet’s place for him or her to relax while you entertain guests.


Pet-Friendly Sunroom Additions


Sunrooms are a great way to give your pets the sunshine they need while keeping them safe while you are away at work. Dogs and cats can enjoy the outdoor views without the heat and humidity of being kept in a screen room. From exotic birds, reptiles, fish and everything in between, animal lovers have a great option with a sunroom. Certain size pet doors can be installed in the sunroom to allow easy access to the back yard. A sunroom is an excellent option for pet owners who are looking to create a special oasis for their pets to enjoy year-round.


Pet-Friendly Sunroom Additions


If you’re ready to have a beautiful new sunroom for your Florida home, contact Lifestyle Remodeling today and schedule a free design consultation. We’ll go through all of your options and assist you with choosing a sunroom design that will be sure to accommodate your needs.

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