Where can I have a sunroom built onto my home?

By Published On: June 19, 20193.7 min read
Where can I have a sunroom built on my home?

So you’ve decided to build a spacious sunroom addition onto your home, now you must decide where it will go.

The addition of a sunroom onto your home will not only make your home more attractive it will also add more living space. A sunroom can be an excellent choice for your next home remodeling project. Sunrooms have become a very popular alternative to that of traditional wood-framed / block room additions because they can be a multi-use recreational living area that bridges indoor and outdoor living.

So you’ve decided that a sunroom is a perfect choice. So where can you build a sunroom onto your home? A sunroom extension can be built onto just about any part of your home as long as it is built by a licensed sunroom contractor who pulls the proper permitting that is required. In the state of Florida, building any size or style sunroom addition onto your home will definitely require a licensed sunroom contractor to pull the proper permitting that is legally required by the state of Florida in order to build a sunroom that meets certain county and Florida state building codes.

A sunroom commonly referred to as a Florida room can offer a considerable amount of wall space that is dedicated to glass. With a sunroom typically offering as much as 80% of its walls to a unique floor to ceiling window wall system that offers unparalleled panoramic views of the surrounding outdoors.

It’s always important to determine what your sunroom’s primary purpose is going to be and go from there. Many Factors go into how the custom sunroom will be designed and how much space will be needed for the glass room addition to be properly added onto the home. Living in Florida gives us the best of both worlds when it comes to building a sunroom addition onto a Florida Home. Florida offers both a community-style of living where homes are typically built close together and then there is the farm or country style of living where most homes are built on a larger lot of land with a lot more property.

Where can I build a sunroom

Since Florida has homes that are built in many different types of settings ranging from luxury estates to gated communities, from golf & country club living to local neighborhoods, a majority of these homes are built in close proximity to each other and are limited in space to build onto either side of the home. This is why many Florida homeowners decide to build a sunroom onto the back or rear of the home. Building a sunroom onto the back of a Florida home is an excellent choice and has many benefits since many Florida homeowners have breathtaking views of the outdoors like stunning oceanfront and lakefront views, amazing golf courses, and beautiful nature preserves. Many Florida homeowners also enjoy a lot of outdoor activities such as backyard pools, decks, patios, kids jungle gyms, etc. Another benefit of a sunroom being built onto the back or rear of the home is it can also provide homeowners with a secure entrance into the sunroom from the rear of the home.

Best place to build a sunroom onto your home

There are also homes that are built on large pieces of property with several acres of land between them and the neighboring home. These homeowners have more options and choices when it comes to where on the home or property they will build their sunroom.

Once you know your sunroom’s purpose or how you will use your sunroom, then you can decide what size sunroom to go with and where on your home you will build it. If the room’s primary purpose is entertaining, then a large sunroom will probably work best. If you are thinking of a home office or a children’s playroom, then a smaller sunroom might fit your need just fine.

What size sunroom will you choose? Deciding when and how often you’ll use the space will help you decide if a patio enclosure or sunroom is right for you. We hope we’ve helped you get off to the right start on deciding what addition is right for you. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about screen rooms and sunrooms. Give us a call today for a free consultation (813) 448-3711 or contact us online.

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