Why You Should Convert Your Screened Porch to a Sunroom

By Published On: May 24, 20234.5 min read
why you should convert a screened porch to a sunroom

It’s not uncommon to have an outdoor living space in Florida. Homeowners want to enjoy the great weather, so they create outdoor patios and screen rooms to spend time outside.

But one problem screened patio enclosures have is dealing with bad weather conditions. It’s hard to enjoy your time outdoors when it’s too hot and humid. You’re better off relaxing indoors where it’s cool.

If you’re in this situation, turning your screened porch into a sunroom addition is a great solution. Read the guide below to learn why it makes sense.

Screen Room vs. Sunroom vs. Sunroom/Screen Room

A screened-in porch can provide a reliable outdoor living space. The enclosure protects you from many of the elements—but that only gets you so far. If it’s too windy, rainy, or hot outside, you may not be able to put your screen room to use. Screened-in porches and lanais also require constant cleaning from lawn mower debris, dust, dirt, pollen, etc.

Unlike a screen room, sunrooms are a year-round living space. Since it’s an enclosed space with glass and the ability to climate control, you don’t need to worry about the weather outside to enjoy the natural light. If you desire a pleasant breeze on nice days, you can still open sunroom windows that have full-view screens. You can entertain yourself, your family, and your friends at any time of the year.


Benefits of Converting Screened Porch to a Sunroom

As you can see, a sunroom offers a better environment to enjoy yourself than a screen room. So, what are some additional benefits of a sunroom that make it worth building and justify the added cost?

  • Enjoy your living space year-round
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Take advantage of climate control options to keep the space comfortable
  • Avoid pests making their way into your sunroom
  • Add energy efficiency to your home

Steps to Convert a Screened Porch to a Sunroom

What is the best way to make the jump from a screened porch to a sunroom? Follow the steps below to design and build your porch conversion.

Step 1: Design and Assessment

You aren’t starting from scratch when transitioning your screen room into a sunroom. You already have a concrete slab, so starting with what you have makes sense.

Perform an assessment of your current concrete slab. You need to understand if your current concrete slab has the proper elevation and condition to support your new sunroom design.

For instance, studio sunrooms are excellent if you want a sunroom that optimizes design efficiency. If you want something that stands out with a unique aesthetic, cathedral sunrooms are a great option.

Step 2: Decide if You Need a Sunroom Window With Screens

One of the biggest pluses of a sunroom is the glass windows. You don’t have screens, so you don’t deal with the outside elements. But at the same time, this also prevents you from enjoying the weather when it is nice outside.

Lifestyle Remodeling offers TEMO’s unique Window Wall System with a puncture-resistant, full-view memory screen that removes easily, so you get the best of both worlds with glass and screens!

Step 3: Construction of Walls, Windows, and Roof

Now that you have the details of your new sunroom, it’s time to start with construction. This means putting up new walls, windows, and roof (if applicable).

Since this is a contained environment, we will build your walls with thermal break technology on the wall frames. They will have a strong structure, good insulation, and raceway options to run electrical wiring.

Although you may not have to change your flooring, some homeowners decide to get something new. Ceramic tile is the recommended choice for sunrooms. It is available in many textures, designs, and colors.

Finally, let’s talk about windows. Premium materials—such as high-quality tempered glass, double pane insulated with triple silver coating and argon gas—are recommended for excellent performance from your windows.

Lifestyle Remodeling provides free consultations for homeowners in Tampa Bay and the surrounding West Central Florida area, and we will meet with you to discuss your dream sunroom design!

Suitable Glass Types for Sunrooms

The glass you select for your glass enclosure plays a vital role in how well it performs. A poor-quality product means enjoying your space; keeping it comfortable is harder.

There are a few quality types of glass worth considering:

  • Double-paned glass provides excellent insulation and reduces noise pollution. They use gasses—like argon and krypton—as an insulator to protect your sunroom.
  • Tempered glass is a safe option that provides toughened glass for added durability. It’s stronger than standard glass, making it resistant to breaking which is an excellent safety feature.

We use high-quality, premier glass windows, so they are efficient, easy to use, durable, and safe.

Ready to Convert Your Screened Porch to a Sunroom?

Converting a screen porch to a sunroom is a fantastic way to enhance your home. You can enjoy three- and four-season sunrooms at any time of the year without worrying about the weather causing problems.

Partner with us if you want a quality sunroom that stands the test of time. As the premier installer of affordable, custom-designed luxury sunrooms, we offer our customers the best advice and products to help them create amazing spaces in their homes. Get a free quote today to learn more about what we offer!

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