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Sunroom Features – Tampa Bay, Florida

TEMO’s unique Window Wall System leads the industry in structural strength, insulation, durability and design.

Tampa Bay Studio Sunroom Exterior

TEMO sunrooms are so structurally sound they are designed to withstand even hurricane-force winds. Custom-engineered for your room, TEMO pre-assembles our thermal Window Wall panels for easy installation on your home. This system reduces installation time to just 1-2 days on an approved foundation.

Your TEMO sunroom comes to you through the extensive research and innovative designs developed by our engineering team. TEMO sunrooms feature exclusive technology for the utmost in beauty, comfort, virtually maintenance-free performance, and long-lasting durability.


Our sunrooms have been independently tested and certified to meet or exceed all national building codes and are designed for superior use in all climates.

Your local TEMO building professional offers a complimentary interactive product demonstration. See for yourself why a TEMO sunroom stands above the rest.

Sunroom Assembly Tampa Florida

1. E-Zone High-Performance Tempered Safety Glass with UVP
Superior performance for comfort control throughout the seasons. Four times stronger than conventional glass, with UV shields to protect against interior solar damage. Exterior treated to reduce cleaning maintenance. Double-pane insulated glass upgrades available.

2. Roofshield Coating
Prevents UV degradation and scratch damage.

3. Maintenance-Free Hideaway Screen
Stretch and puncture resistant. Rolls up and away for hidden storage, producing crystal clear views through sunroom windows.

4. Glass Transom
Provides floor-to-ceiling views. Solid kick panel available.

5. Heavy-Duty Sliding Door with Interlocking Meeting Rail
Convenient, secure, weatherproof. Prime Entry swing door upgrade option available.

6. Self-Sealing Vinyl Bulb
Exclusive Thermal Wall System seal provides weather and insect barrier.

7. Interlocking Thermal Polycore Roof System
Exclusive roof construction provides 100% seam coverage, affording unequaled strength and 100% thermal protection for weather resistance and interior comfort control. Includes integrated gutter system.

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