3 Season vs 4 Season Sunrooms: What’s the Difference?

By Published On: June 6, 20234.7 min read
3 season vs. 4 season sunroom

Who doesn’t love sunrooms? With all that natural light flowing in, it’s the perfect place to relax after a long work day or enjoy a blissful morning enjoying the outdoors, but without the bugs, heat, and humidity!

New sunrooms are some of the most in-demand home remodeling projects. And those in the home buying process are now seeking out various outdoor living spaces more than ever.

So which type of sunroom will suit your home and lifestyle best? Here we’ll compare a 3 season vs 4 season room to see which you should consider.

What Is the Difference Between a Three Season Room and a Four Season Room?

Both of these sunroom types look like glass room enclosures. Yet, functionality is the most significant difference between a 3 season and a 4 season room; 4 season rooms can have different types of heating and cooling systems installed.

What Is a 3 Season Room?

A 3 season sunroom is a room you can enjoy when the weather is nice – which is pretty much most of the time in Florida! The term “three season” lets you know that you get three seasons of use out of the room: winter, spring, and fall. This is because three season rooms don’t typically have heating and cooling options.

Since the winter months don’t get that cold here in Tampa, you can probably use your three season sunroom in the winter. But you may need to explore cooling options for the hot and humid Florida summers.

This might include:

  • Ductless mini splits
  • Portable heating and AC units
  • Overhead fans

If you build a three season room, installing a ceiling fan or a portable AC unit is best. With extreme temperatures in the Tampa summer months, you want to be able to enjoy the space even when it’s overly hot and muggy outside.

You can also use cost-friendly climate control options like window treatments and shades. These days, high-performance glass options don’t obstruct the view but instead, help significantly reduce the room’s temperature.

Shades help keep the room warm or cool, depending on the season. If no one uses the room when it’s hot out, keep the shades down to lower the temperature. When it’s cool outside, leave the shades open all day to warm the space.

Overall, three season rooms are popular because they offer more functionality and protection from the elements than a patio enclosure or screened-in porch.

What Is a 4 Season Room?

4 season rooms typically come with climate control, creating a year-round living space.

A four-season room addition is similar to a home addition. Because of this, a four season room will add livable space, thus giving you many years of enjoyment with family and friends.

Standard Features for Our 4 Season Sunroom

At Lifestyle Remodeling, we build our sunrooms with the highest quality materials and patio enclosures. Our sunroom walls have thermal break technology on the wall frames. They will have a strong structure, solid insulation (which keeps your room cool), and raceway options to run electrical wiring.

Additionally, our sunrooms give you the following benefits:

  • Climate control as an option to beat the heat
  • Quality roofing with a protective coating, built-in gutter and downspout system for the rainy season, and a specially designed interlocking roof panel connection system
  • Scratch-resist TEMKOR cladding for surface protection
  • UV-resistant glass option
  • Color and style customization options
  • Complete electric packages, including outlets, switches, and ceiling fans

3 Season vs 4 Season Sunrooms What’s the Difference

Design Considerations for a Sunroom

Speaking of customization, one of the best things about sunrooms is how much you can make the space your own. There are endless design and layout ideas for both 3 and 4 season sunrooms. For example, those living in bungalows or ranches might consider studio sunrooms.

Also, there are plenty of different ways you can use the space. Some include:

  • Dining room
  • Family room
  • Home office
  • Exercise room
  • Second living room
  • Game room
  • Playroom
  • TV room
  • Library
  • Yoga or meditation room

We’ll work with you on the design and layout options to ensure you get what you want!

3 Season vs 4 Season Rooms: The Overall Cost

Project costs are typically higher for four season rooms. This is because they use thicker walls, insulation, and higher energy-efficient glass. However, they can have a better return on investment than three season rooms.

As mentioned, they add additional living space to your home, which increases its value. A three season room can decrease the cost but still increase the value of your home. The actual value of both a four season room and a three season room truly comes from how much you use and enjoy your new space.

Further, four season rooms and three season rooms are both great options depending on your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Which Type of Sunroom Is Right for Your Home?

When deciding between a 3 season vs 4 season sunroom addition, consider the following:

  • How often you’ll use the space
  • The features you want to include
  • The level of functionality you desire
  • Your budget

Ready to Create the Sunroom of Your Dreams?

Sunrooms are all the rage for homeowners, and their popularity doesn’t seem like it will diminish anytime soon. So if you still need help deciding between a 3 season vs 4 season room, our team at Lifestyle Remodeling can help. We’re Florida’s premier experts when it comes to Florida sunrooms!

Already know what you’re looking for? Get a free quote today, and we can start your sunroom project. Whether you want to construct a sunroom from the ground up or convert an existing lanai, our skilled contractors and designers can make your sunroom dream a reality!

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