8 Benefits Of Adding A Sunroom You May Not Have Known

By Published On: January 11, 20234.1 min read
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Are you ready to focus on your self-care and enjoy an extra living space?

Adding a sunroom is one of the best ways to do just that! Sunrooms are perfect for Florida homeowners because they provide extra usable space and let you enjoy all that beautiful natural light year-round.

You may be surprised at how much a sunroom can add to your quality of life. Plus, there are plenty of other benefits you may not have known. Read on to find out what they are.

Benefits Of Adding A Sunroom

Your sunny space will have outside views and excellent curb appeal. A sunroom has many benefits, including relaxation, space for gathering with family and friends, and enjoying the Florida lifestyle.

Sunrooms are also a great way to liven up any home from a design perspective. Whether you choose bright colors, earth tones, ceiling fans, or custom-designed furniture, there are endless creative options.

A sunroom addition may be your best home improvement project with the following benefits:

Increases Home Value

The resale value of adding a new home addition may not be at the forefront of your mind. However, investing in home improvement projects like this can provide an excellent return on your investment.

Adding additional livable space to your home with a new sunroom may be the simple, perfect solution to increase the value of your home.

Natural Light

Sunrooms are a great way to add a bit of luxury, functionality, and tranquility that provide natural light. Reading a book, having morning coffee, or having an afternoon lunch with loved ones will be more enjoyable with the natural light of your new sunroom.

Beautiful View

Depending on your sunroom design, your outside views may be the lake, your favorite flowers, or the palm trees you adore. Regardless of the outdoor elements, you can still enjoy these beautiful views in the comfort of this inside sunny space.

Perfect for Plants

Do you have a green thumb? A sunroom not only offers your plants the natural light they love, but it is also like having your own greenhouse. Glass walls and ceilings trap in the heat during winter.

Having a warm room from natural sunlight will extend the life of your indoor plants. Best of all, plant lovers will enjoy their own personal greenhouse space.

Benefits of Adding Sunroom

Positive Mood

Your self-care and well-being should be a priority. Having your very own sunroom may be a great way to improve your mood and well-being. Home improvement projects encourage creativity and nurture satisfaction from completing them.

Additionally, natural light increases vitamin D intake. Besides reducing fatigue and stress, vitamin D can also improve your mood. According to Healthline, a study of 7,534 people reported taking vitamin D supplements helped their negative emotions.

And if you’re concerned about direct sunlight, blinds or window coverings made specifically for direct sun exposure are an option. Glass that has a multi-layered soft coat low-E coating will help block more than 90% of UV rays to protect you and your loved ones from direct sunlight.

Adds a Functional Space

Sunrooms offer you the freedom to appreciate the outdoors while being sheltered from the elements. Three-season and four-season sunrooms offer multi-season and year-round comfort and enjoyment.

A three-season room provides the perfect blend of indoor and outdoor living with superior protection from the elements. You can choose to have single or double-paned glass windows and full screens. You can design your three-season room with indoor plants and ceiling fans.

When it comes to comfort and convenience all year, a four-season room is an ideal addition to your home. It’s a functional space you can use for an office, gathering place, study, or whatever you like. With the help of insulated glass and thermally engineered frame materials, the four-season room is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Entertaining Guests

Imagine celebrating birthdays or national holidays surrounded by natural light and soothing decor. Whether enjoying fireworks on the 4th of July or having a holiday party in the winter, this living space can also be great for entertaining guests.

Everyone can mingle and enjoy themselves without feeling crowded with the extra square footage. Plus, as a bonus, you and your guests will have a fantastic view of your backyard.

Playroom For Kids

If you have the luxury of extra space in your home, it can be used as a playroom or homeschooling space for your little ones!

A dedicated area full of natural light and plenty of space to spread out supplies and materials will keep your children engaged, organized, and focused all at once.

Sunroom Experts

If you want a family room, an office, or just a way to add to your health and well-being, Lifestyle Remodeling can help with your sunroom design. We are experts in the Florida lifestyle and ready to answer all your questions.

Get a free consultation for your sunroom addition today!

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