How To Decorate a Small Sunroom For Cheap

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How to Decorate a Small Sunroom for Cheap

Cozy but with tons of natural sunshine, a small sunroom can serve homeowners as a living room, game room, craft room, or even a home office. Learning how to decorate a small sunroom will help you maximize your space and create an area that combines good looks with practicality.

So get inspired with these sunroom decorating ideas!

Start By Clearing Out the Clutter and Tidying Up

Effective interior design requires a clean slate. Begin your makeover by clearing out the clutter from your sunroom space. Remove any items you don’t use regularly. What remains should be items you love and often use at home. As a bonus, removing the clutter will open up the space and make it seem more spacious.

Next, curate your existing items. Group like items together so you can see what you already have. This will also help you to identify room design ideas or colors you can use in your decorating.

Add Color and Texture

Color and texture are two great ways to add interest to your sunroom design. What is your color palette? Do you lean toward bright colors or more toward earth tones for a neutral, boho look? Try keeping to just two or three shades for a small living area so you don’t overwhelm the eye.

Texture gives subtle visual interest and adds to the feel of your small space. Try some of these to introduce texture to your design:

  • Rattan side tables and decor
  • Wicker furniture
  • Rugs
  • Throw pillows and blankets

Choose Simple Decor

Because the space is small, it’s essential to keep the decor simple. Heavy, ornate window treatments and elaborate chandeliers are unnecessary when you have plenty of sunshine. Instead, consider going for a modern sunroom look.

Clean lines and simple shapes will make the room feel more spacious. Your home decor can still be elegant without overpowering the space.

Patio Furniture

Your sunroom furniture options aren’t limited to outdoor furniture. After all, sunrooms provide the best combination of natural light, outdoor views, and climate control.

Unlike with an outdoor living space, you don’t have to worry about rain or pests with your furniture. Choose Grandview windows to take advantage of the light for a reading nook, add an ottoman to rest your feet, or spread out with sectional seating.

Area Rugs

Rugs are an opportunity to add a pop of color and texture to your space. Choose a versatile indoor-outdoor rug for durability (great for pets and children). These types of rugs tend to be low-pile and easy to clean.

A neutral color will let your other decor stand out, while bright colors and patterns can introduce a fun look to your space.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables with low, clean lines, small legs, and glass or light-colored tops are best for small spaces. They prevent the room from feeling crowded. The same principle applies to dining tables if your sunroom serves as a dining room.

How to Decorate Small Sunroom

Add in Greenery

A sunroom is a perfect place for houseplants. There is plenty of light, with protection from bugs, heat, and rain. Plus, the organic shapes of plants add visual interest and a homey feel.

If you have a green thumb, give growing topiaries a try. Otherwise, succulents and snake plants are easy to care for and visually beautiful.


Plant placement is vital. A south-facing sunroom can get bright in the Florida sun, causing plants to wilt. Move these plants a little further back from the windows for protection. Also, take care not to place the plants directly in front of an air conditioner or vent, as the constant dry air will take a toll.

The Right Pot

Be sure your plants are in sturdy pots with drainage holes to avoid overwatering and root rot. You can hide an unsightly nursery pot inside an attractive outer pot for a beautiful look. Depending on the plant, you may need to re-pot once a year to keep it healthy and vibrant.

Heat and Humidity

Controlling the heat and humidity in a sunroom is another key to success with greenery. Too much moisture can invite fungi, gnats, and other problems.

On the other hand, a sunroom that is too hot and dry will spell trouble for all but the hardiest cacti.

Pay attention to your humidity levels. You can use an inexpensive mister or spray bottle to increase the humidity around your plants. If you have too much humidity, run your dehumidifier.

Artificial Plants and Flowers

If all this seems like too much fuss, go with faux. There are beautiful artificial plants and flowers on the market these days that look pretty lifelike but with none of the trouble of natural plants. Just be sure to dust them every now and again.

Use a combination of contrasting plants for the best effect. Some popular types of artificial plants include:

  • Potted ficus trees
  • Fiddle-leaf figs
  • Boston ferns
  • Succulents and cacti
  • Trailing vines, such as ivy or pothos plants
  • Single monstera leaves
  • Dried flowers

Use Natural Light With Custom Windows

Of course, the best decoration of all is lots of natural light. Custom windows and skylights let you play up the sunroom feel or maximize a beautiful outdoor view. With the right custom windows, you can get away with minimal window treatments and let the windows steal the show. Use rattan or wooden blinds for texture, or hang light and airy white curtains where they can billow in the breeze without obstructing the view.

Natural light can brighten moods and lift spirits, and the more of it, the better. Try arranging your furniture to face the windows to maximize the light you receive when sitting, reading, or entertaining.

Best of all, with custom windows, you can transform a room or addition into a timeless sunroom for your family to enjoy.

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