Sunroom Enclosures – Everything you need to know about sunroom enclosures.

By Published On: April 20, 20203.8 min read
everything you need to know about sunroom enclosures

Sunroom Enclosures – What you need to know.

In our previous article, we discussed – Why should I choose a sunroom over a standard room addition? In this article, we’re going to discuss the topic – sunroom enclosures, and everything you need to know about sunroom enclosures.

Rejuvenate your Home with a Sunroom Enclosure.

So your wanting to improve your living space and are looking to renovate your home. Maybe it’s time to rejuvenate your home and invigorate your living space.

So you may be asking the question. What is the best home improvement project to rejuvenate my home?

When deciding on the right home improvement project for you and your home, a sunroom enclosure or patio enclosure can be an excellent choice. A glass room enclosure or glass sunroom enclosure is sure to breathe a little life back into just about any style home. A sunroom enclosure can be an amazing way to take your next home improvement project beyond just renovation. Sunroom enclosures have become very popular among many homeowners.

Sunroom Enclosure – Before & After
Sunroom Enclosures

Why are Sunroom Enclosures so popular?

The answer can be found in the versatility. The versatility of a sunroom enclosure is what sets it apart from almost any other type of room addition or home improvement project.

A sunroom enclosure is one of the best alternatives to a traditional room addition. A modern day crossover room addition, the sunroom enclosure is one of the only types of room addition styles that bridges the gap between indoor & outdoor living.

A custom designed glass sunroom enclosure will give you and your family the ability to relax in the luxury and comfort of your home and still be able to enjoy the beauty of all of your homes natural surrounding outdoor area.

Does your home have an outdoor Lanai or Patio area? If you answered yes, then you likely may feel that you are limited with the options you may have especially if you are looking for additional living space. Though an outdoor patio or lanai area can be enjoyable at times and does offer some beneficial use, they don’t offer you the benefit of additional living space.

A custom designed sunroom enclosure offers all of this and more! Sunroom enclosures are also an excellent way to transform your outdoor patio or lanai area into a brand new room addition. A sunroom enclosure will provide you and your family with additional living space that you and your family can enjoy 365 days a year and offers year-round use making this a true four season sunroom enclosure.

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Lanai Enclosures in Heritage Springs Trinity, FL

Features & Benefits of a year-round Sunroom Enclosure

A four-season sunroom enclosure that is built for year-round use should always be built using only the highest quality materials and building products. The sunroom enclosure should also be installed by a licensed sunroom contractor that has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to install high-quality sunroom enclosures. This is very important because a sunroom contractor who specializes in just building sunrooms will know how to properly install a sunroom enclosure so it is built to withstand some harsh weather conditions and will provide you with the highest level of comfort and performance throughout all seasons of the year.

Features of a Sunroom Enclosure

  • Thermal core with a high-density EPS foam
  • Premium roof coating that will protect it from scratches, fading, and corrosion
  • specially designed interlocking roof panel connection system, which increases the structural integrity of the sunroom and increases the longevity of the sunroom while providing the very best leak resistance/protection.
  • The interior and exterior surface uses an ultra-durable polymer called Temkor (Temkor is an industry leader in indoor and outdoor surface protectants)
  • HPG-3 Double pane, high performance, argon gas insulated, tempered safety glass w/ NEAT coating. NFRC certified, double sliding, removable and easy- glide rollers- windows with dual lock system w/ interlocking meeting rail.
  • Limited lifetime transferable warranty

Let the professionals at Lifestyle Remodeling help you every step of the way. Let us turn your vision of your home into a reality. With our custom designed luxury sunroom enclosures, we can design an affordable sunroom enclosure that will be perfect for you and your home. Our experienced professionals at Lifestyle Remodeling will help you decide on the sunroom style and options that are right for you. We’ll listen to your needs, wants, and desires for your new living space. Give us a call today at (813) 448-3711 or schedule a free in-home estimate.

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