Sunroom Design Ideas for 2020

By Published On: May 18, 20206.9 min read
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Popular Design & Style ideas and trends for your new sunroom in 2020

In our previous article, we discussed sunroom enclosures – Everything you need to know about sunroom enclosures. In this article we are going to discuss sunroom design ideas for 2020. The newest sunroom design trends,  and what you need to know to help you decide on what sunroom design & style is the right choice for you and your home.

So you’ve made the smart decision to get more out of your new room and you’ve decided that a sunroom is the perfect room addition for you and your home. Now it’s time to start visualizing how your new room will look and feel.

How do you visualize your new sunroom design?

How do you envision the look and feel of your new sunroom? Visualizing your new sunroom is the best place to start because this is your home and it should be custom-designed to look and feel the way you desire. Maybe your visualizing your new sunroom as a larger, more spacious room addition, and you’re looking for a sunroom design, that will make your new sunroom addition the focal point of your home, and a perfect gathering spot to entertain family and friends. Maybe you envision your new sunroom to be a more cozy and personal living space and having less square footage of living space is a better choice for you and your home. While the traditional room addition still remains an option for some, a custom-designed sunroom or patio enclosure is an excellent and popular alternative that offers a variety of different styles, designs, and optional features.

What are the popular sunroom design styles & options in 2020?

Being a homeowner and looking to design a new sunroom you may not know what custom sunroom design styles are available to you and your home. When it comes to the sunroom design style, this is typically determined by the style of the roof you choose. For a more open and spacious sunroom design, you may want to consider a vaulted ceiling. The gable roof of the cathedral sunroom is a great design feature if you are looking to increase the amount of natural light and space. The open space and increased natural light will give your new glass room addition a spacious wide-open look and feel. The cathedral sunroom design with vaulted ceilings, not only offers a larger increased view of your homes surrounding outdoor area, but they also offer all of the comforts of indoor living. The cathedral sunroom design features include protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, as well as protection from natural elements like rain, heat, wind, mosquitos, and any unwanted pest or bugs.

Sunroom Design

The versatility of the cathedral sunroom design stands out from that of a traditional concrete or stick built room addition. The cathedral sunroom design is extremely popular among many homeowners because it offers a unique design, that is affordable and will definitely blend seamlessly onto any style home.

Another popular sunroom design for 2020 is the studio sunroom design. The studio sunroom is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a room addition that offers versatility in design, and is very easy for this sunroom to be designed with a traditional look and feel as well as a modern approach. The studio sunroom can be built on most homes and attach seamlessly to various existing roof lines. The studio sunroom can be custom designed to fit the needs of you and your home.

Does your home already have an attached patio or lanai with an existing roof?

A third sunroom design is the patio enclosure. This sunroom design is a popular choice and is perfect for homeowners with homes that may already have an outdoor screen porch, lanai or patio area that may not be fully enclosed. Since many of these existing outdoor patio and lanai areas are hardly used by homeowners, in some ways they can be a waste of space. This is why many homeowners are deciding to go with a sunroom design that allows them to enclose this area with a high-performance glass or high-performance acrylic window wall system custom-designed to create an indoor living space out of your already existing covered patio or lanai area. This sunroom design gives you the ability to custom design your new patio enclosure so that you will have all the benefits and comfort of indoor living while still staying connected to your homes surrounding outdoor area.

Custom design your new sunroom the way you want!

So you’ve decided on the sunroom style that is perfect for you and your home. And now you would like to know what type of convenient features are available for your new sunroom design.

The best way to learn about what sunroom features are available for your new sunroom design is to schedule a free consultation with a licensed and reputable sunroom contractor. Unlike a sunroom kit or a Do-It-Yourself Sunroom, a custom-designed sunroom can be constructed onto your home. There are a variety of convenient features to customize your new sunroom addition.

Sunroom Design Trends

Sunrooms don’t have to be a square or rectangular!

Are you looking for a sunroom with more architectural design? A custom-designed sunroom can be an extremely exciting experience! Your new sunroom can be a standard design or it could have a more customized unique design, using angel walls (ex. octagon shape). A more custom design will allow your new sunroom addition to fit the aesthetics of your home as well as make sure that your design gives you the best-unparalleled views of the outdoors that you can enjoy all year long. Making this the perfect four seasons sunroom.

The best sunroom designs can be custom designed with internal electricity instead of external conduit. The best sunroom designs utilize an internal channel within the sunroom walls which allow any wiring to be nicely concealed with minimal to no electrical wiring exposed. Another recommended feature found in some of the best sunroom designs is the ability to install climate control. Climate control will provide your new room with the option to cool and heat your new sunroom throughout the entire year.

Another feature found in some of the best sunroom designs is the ability to customize the amount of glass or acrylic that is used to construct the walls of the sunroom. The best sunroom designs can be constructed with floor to ceiling glass walls, upper transom, lower transom, both lower and upper transom with glass windows or acrylic windows in the middle. Both upper and lower transoms offer great light and beautiful views of the surrounding outdoors.

Want More Natural Light?

Skyview skylights are an excellent choice if you are looking for additional natural sunlight. A sunroom design with Skyview skylights offer additional natural light to your sunroom that will provide you with natural sunlight during the day and beautiful stars in the sky at night.

Sunroom Design App

Looking for the perfect sunroom design? Want to envision what a new sunroom would look like added onto your home, without getting out the tools? Need a sunroom design floor plan for your home?

Now you really have no excuse to put off that new sunroom addition. The best sunroom contractors are using an ingenious design app that allows in-home designers to take time to show you all of your options. This state-of-the-art sunroom design app gives homeowners more control during the design phase of their new sunroom. This allows the designer to take photos of your home, and superimpose photos of your new sunroom onto them —so you can see the results right then and there.

Sunroom designers will also come to you fully equipped with miniature window wall systems, glass options, and roof samples.

What sunroom design will you choose? Deciding on the perfect sunroom design or patio enclosure design may be difficult without help from a professional licensed sunroom contractor.

Lifestyle Remodeling is always happy to answer any questions you may have about sunroom design and patio enclosure design. Give us a call today for a free consultation (813) 448-3711 or contact us online.

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