Solarium Ideas: 6 Creative & Unique Decorating Ideas

By Published On: March 6, 20235.3 min read
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Did you know the history of sunrooms dates back to 6000 BC? While sunrooms were originally a heat source for homes, after WWII in the 1960s, contractors advertised enclosed patios, and the idea took off. Today, enclosed porches are more popular than ever, and the design options are endless!

Take a look at six trending and unique solarium ideas you can design for your home with the help of professionals or as a DIY project.

1. Rustic Retreat

Rustic sunrooms are one of the most common farmhouse sunroom ideas out there. There’s a reason they’re so popular and homeowners continue to build them!

The rustic home decor style is one of the best ways to make your indoor life feel like outdoor living – except you’ll relax in ultimate comfort inside your sunroom rather than weather the elements. Add built-in climate control for even more comfort.

The rustic feel is especially great if you have a lot of exposed wood or other natural materials in your living space. Sandstone-colored sunrooms will be a great choice for this rustic decor. You can decorate the room with classic wooden furniture or go for rattan if you want to save a little money.

Nothing says “traditional sunroom” like the natural materials and textures that come with a rustic design.

2. Meditative Space

You may consider building a meditation area if you have a small space.

Imagine feeling the natural sunshine from skylights above you as you sit in reflection on a round meditation cushion. Large windows can also help create a meditative sunroom design, connecting your space to the outdoors. You could even paint a mandala on the floor.

Alternatively, turn it into a garden room with a meditation corner for ultimate relaxation. Indoor plants have many health benefits, such as:

  • Boosting creativity
  • Improving air quality
  • Reducing stress
  • Supporting cognitive health

If you enjoy a variety of meditative practices, use a coffee table to house crystals, incense, a journal, sound bowls, or any other items you use during meditation.

3. Create a Dining Nook

One of the best sunroom decorating ideas is to create a dining room. You can have the perfect dining area year-round by using glass room enclosures, dim light fixtures, and a blend of neutral colors.

Enjoy the sun shining through the window treatments in the summer evenings for happy hour cocktails, or the leaves fall for a Sunday brunch in the autumn.

There are plenty of glass solarium ideas you can implement to make the most intimate dining nook. Add some greenery; it will feel more like an outdoor space than an indoor one. Additionally, include a small bar cart to serve all your favorite beverages if you have space in the corner.

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4. Solarium for Booklovers

For the book lovers out there, why not turn your solarium into a library? You can build the best reading nook by using high-performance glass. Include shelving so the sun can shine through your floor-to-ceiling bookcases. There is no better way to marvel at your book collection.

If you plan to read all day, don’t forget to include a sectional with plenty of throw pillows. You want to ensure you’re comfy while diving into a good story!

You can also decorate with plush sofa chairs for small get-togethers.

5. Children’s Playroom

Do all your kid’s toys seem to stack up in the living room? Why not turn the solarium into a designated playroom? You can finally have a space for your kids without their things spilling out all over the house.

Not only is it great for parents, but your kids will have a space where they can just be kids! Let them make a mess and explore their creativity by putting in a whiteboard or chalkboard wall. An arts and crafts table is also a great idea.

Ensure the room gets tons of natural light. Natural light and ventilation are excellent for controlling infection. It’s ideal for your kids.

6. Home Office Solarium

A patio enclosure also makes for a great home office. This is an excellent idea for creating a workspace with lots of natural light and functionality, with the ability to add electrical outlets to complete your sunroom office workspace. This is a great way to enhance your work-from-home lifestyle.

You can do your best work in a dedicated workspace where you can clear your head. Invest in a large desk to store all your work supplies and a comfortable desk chair.

More Tips for Decorating Your Solarium

Decorating a Solarium

When it comes to solarium room ideas, there are many to consider, and we know it can get overwhelming. So here are some tips to help guide your design process.

Choose a Theme

While we’ve mentioned the rustic theme here, you can choose from others, too. Selecting a theme will help the interior design process and give your sunroom addition a specific feel.

Other common themes include:

  • Art Deco
  • Bohemian
  • Modern

Change the Room’s Use

It’s essential to consider how the sunroom’s use will change over the year if you have a three-season solarium or screened-in porch. It may lose some of its functionality during the winter months if you don’t adequately plan.

You may also choose to change your sunroom’s use over several years. For example, it may start as a playroom but shift into a home office once your kids are older.

Add New Features

Adding new items like ceiling fans, electrical outlets, or a portable AC unit can be easy and affordable.

As you add different elements, always consider the sunroom’s energy efficiency because it may help reduce your utility bill.

Choose Bold Colors

Bold colors are eye-catching and make a room feel like an entirely new space. It’s another inexpensive way to change the whole feel. You may also choose to incorporate bright-colored upholstery.

Get Help With Your Solarium Ideas

Although we’ve only covered a handful of solarium ideas, there are thousands of ways to transform your back or front porch into a fantastic sunroom.

Whether you go for a seasonal sunroom or something functional year-round, our team can help with every step of the process. So contact us today at Lifestyle Remodeling for a free consultation regarding your sunroom project or any other home design project in mind!

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