How Do I Enclose My Existing Lanai / Patio For Year Round Use?

By Published On: October 17, 20184.8 min read
Enclose My Existing Lanai Patio For Year Round Use

So You Want To Convert Your Existing Lanai Into A Year-Round Patio Enclosure?

In our last article, we discussed How to find the right sunroom contractor in Tampa, Florida? In this article, we are going to discuss how homeowners can enclose their already existing lanai or patio and transform it into a spacious patio enclosure that will offer year-round use. Many Florida homeowners already have an outdoor lanai or patio attached to their home. Even though most outdoor patios already have existing roofs, they can be limited in how and when they can be used. In some ways, they can be a waste of space and offer very limited protection from the outdoor elements. An excellent way to make the best and most use of your outdoor patio or lanai area is to enclose it with a high-performance glass window wall system that will provide you with the same great views from the comfort of being indoors.

How Do I Enclose My Existing Lanai Patio For Year Round Use

Whether it may be rain, pollen, lawn mower debris, humidity, bugs or the heat from the Florida sun, there are many different things that can hinder the use of your outdoor lanai or patio area. By enclosing your existing lanai or patio and converting it into a high-performance glass patio enclosure or glass room enclosure you will now be able to get year-round use out of this area of your home.

Add More Living Space To Your Home By Enclosing Your Existing Lanai Or Patio.

When it comes to an affordable and convenient way to add more living space onto a Florida home you really don’t have to look very far. Most Florida homes already have an outdoor space under existing house roof. These areas are either left open or screened in. Many Florida homeowners find themselves converting their seldom-used screen porch, lanai, or patio into a beautiful new sunroom addition.

Benefits To Enclosing your Screen Porch, Patio or Lanai, Include:

  • Year-Round Use
  • Increase Living Space
  • Add Value To Your Home
  • Increased Privacy & Security
  • Protection From Unwanted Insects & Debris
  • Protect Furniture & Decor
  • Protection From Harmful UV Rays
  • Protection From The Elements

There are so many Benefits of a Patio Enclosure / Lanai Enclosure and this is why so many Florida homeowners have made the decision to enclose their outdoor Lanai or Patio area.

So You’ve Decided To Enclose Your Lanai or Patio? What’s The Next Step to Take?

Once you’ve made the decision to enclose your outdoor lanai or patio area the next step would be to contact a professional licensed sunroom contractor. A professional licensed sunroom contractor who specializes in building high-quality lanai enclosures, patio enclosures, and sunrooms. A reputable Sunroom Contractor will have the expertise and experience to design and install your new patio enclosure onto your home in a way that makes it look and feel like a natural extension to your home. It is always a good idea to do research and read plenty of online reviews that come from websites that verify their customer reviews. Reliable customer review websites like Google Reviews, Facebook, Customer Lobby, Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Angie’s List are all excellent sources to read about customers past experiences with local sunroom companies doing business and installing patio enclosures in your local area.

When reviewing a sunroom contractor and their past work experience with converting a lanai or patio into a patio enclosure which can be used year-round, it is so very important to look at the quality and consistency of the patio enclosures they have previously installed in your local area. Along with online reviews, a local reliable sunroom contractor that installs patio enclosures should be able to provide you with a list of names and numbers of customers that they have installed a patio enclosure for and who live in your local area. By speaking with satisfied customers living throughout your local area you’ll see first-hand the experience they have had with a particular company that has installed their patio enclosure. This will give you a reliable source to see if that particular sunroom contractor has lived up to the level of high-quality patio enclosures that they say they install.

Besides adding additional living space to your home and letting in natural sunlight, a patio enclosure can also serve multiple purposes. The most popular choices include Game Room, Home Office, Exercise Room, TV Room, Play Room, Den, Craft Room, or just a place to relax and enjoy with loved ones. This is why it is very important to make sure that you receive a Free Design Consultation from a licensed sunroom contractor that specializes in building custom enclosed lanai and patio enclosures. It is also important to hire a local sunroom contractor who has an extensive amount of experience installing patio enclosures in your area. They will be accustomed to the different style homes that are built throughout your local area. This gives the sunroom contractor the ability to design a custom patio enclosure or lanai enclosure that is best for you and your home.

At Lifestyle Remodeling, we handle all aspects of enclosing your patio or lanai and converting it into a beautiful new patio enclosure. We work diligently throughout the entire process from start to finish. This includes obtaining building permits as well as arranging any necessary inspections. At Lifestyle Remodeling, we also always have the best interest of the customer in mind. We encourage you to read our online customer reviews and view our Patio Enclosure Before & After Photo Gallery of projects that we have completed. If you are ready to have a beautiful new patio enclosure installed onto your home or if you have any questions please contact Lifestyle Remodeling at (813) 448-3711 today or contact us online.

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