What is the difference between a screen room and a sunroom?

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Screen Room vs Sunroom

So you’ve decided to expand your living area and want to turn your outdoor space into a screen room or sunroom.

How is a Screen Room different from a Sunroom?

Having a screen room or sunroom installed on your home is an excellent choice if you are looking to add more space to your Florida home. With a sunroom, bringing a bit of the beautiful outdoors “indoors” makes a great addition to any Florida home. Screen rooms are an excellent choice if you are looking to keep out pesky bugs and feel more outdoors. Having to decide between a screen room and sunroom can sound like a difficult decision to make, but it doesn’t have to be. In this article we are going to discuss the difference between a screen room and a sunroom. We will provide you with some useful information to help you make the best decision, and touch base on both screen rooms and sunrooms. We’re here to help you make the best choice on what’s right for you and your home. Alright let’s get started!

There are few basic questions that you will need to ask yourself when deciding between a screen room and a sunroom. First you will want to decide on what you envision your new space to be like, what type of activities will take place in your new room, what type of furniture and appliances will be used in your new room, and how often will the new room be used. You will also want to decide whether or not the new room will have climate control and if electricity will need to be installed. Deciding on these things first will help you get started in choosing what your new room will be.

Protection From Bugs, Dust, and Pollen

A screen room often gives homeowners a chance to enjoy an outdoor space without the bugs and protects from rain and the sun. Screen rooms in Florida are usually very simple structures, most of the time they are built with an aluminum roof and frame that uses large screens instead of windows. A screened room therefore is wide open to the harsh elements of mother nature. A screen room can provide very minimal protection from bugs, dust, humidity, heat, and pollen. If you are looking for the most protection from pesky bugs, unwanted pollen, and dust then a sunroom is your best choice. Unlike a screen room a sunroom offers the most protection because it is completely enclosed. A screen room will bring you closer to mother nature but it also brings you closer to small bugs and insects that find their way inside. A sunroom will provide you with the best protection from bugs, dust, humidity, heat, cold, and pollen.

Climate Control – Heating & Air Conditioning

What about comfort? Will you want to have climate control? Are you going to install a heating & air conditioning system? Screen rooms are not designed to be climate controlled, however, the installation of ceiling fans can give some relief. States with cooler dry climates tend to benefit more with a screen room addition whereas in Florida the heat and humidity is much more extreme throughout the entire year. A sunroom unlike a screen room can be climate controlled with energy efficient high performance glass windows, insulation, and other materials. If you are looking for a four season room that can provide maximum comfort and year-round use, then a sunroom will be your best option.

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Furniture, Appliances, Electricity

So you are trying to decide between a screen room and sunroom. Another factor to consider is what the type of furniture and appliances you will have in your new room addition. If you plan on keeping it simple with plants, weather resistant patio furniture, and other outdoor decor, then a screen room is a good choice. If you are looking for a place to entertain family and friends, exercise room, game room with a pool table, home office or maybe a TV room with couches, then a sunroom is definitely the way to go. You will also need to make a decision on having your new room wired with electricity. A screen room can get away without having any electricity, whereas sunroom in some cases may require electricity to be installed.

What will you choose? Your decision will likely be based on how you would use your new room. Deciding when and how often you’ll use the space will help you decide if a screen room or sunroom is right for you. We hope we’ve helped you get off to the right start on deciding what addition is right for you. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about screen rooms and sunrooms. Give us a call today for a free consultation (813) 448-3711 or contact us online.

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