Can I use a sunroom all year round?

By Published On: March 3, 20195.8 min read
Can I use a sunroom all year round?

In our previous article, we discussed – Why Are More Florida Residents Choosing Florida Rooms Over Traditional Wood Framed / Block Room Additions? In this article, we’re going to discuss the topic – Can I use a sunroom all year round?

Since building a custom sunroom is one of the best ways that a Florida homeowner can expand their homes interior living space into the surrounding outdoors all while enjoying the views from the comfort of being indoors. What happens when the Florida weather and temperatures hit extreme highs and lows, making the outdoors not so enjoyable? Unlike a screen room or screen cage, screen patio, screen porch, or screen lanai, that offers hardly any protection. A sunroom has the ability to protect you 365 days a year.

Unfortunately, being a Florida homeowner we aren’t always able to spend time outdoors all year-round and the reason is because of not being protected from some of natures harsh elements such as heat, humidity, dust, debris, pollen, and insects. With a custom sunroom, you will be able to enjoy the wonderful Florida sunshine with your family and friends throughout the entire year all while feeling cool and comfortable. A sunroom can add additional living space eliminating the need and cost of adding a traditional wood framed / block room addition. A custom designed sunroom can have many benefits and just being able to use your sunroom all year-round is probably the biggest benefit of them all!

Features and benefits of a sunroom that can be used all year round

A sunroom that is built for year-round use should always be built using only the highest quality materials and building products. It should also be installed by a licensed sunroom contractor with the knowledge, experience, and expertise to build high-quality sunroom additions onto Florida homes. This is very important because a sunroom contractor who builds sunrooms in Florida will know how to properly install a sunroom so it is built to withstand Florida’s constantly changing weather conditions and will provide you with the highest level of comfort and performance throughout the seasons of the year.

Features of a sunroom built for year-round use

  • Thermal core with a high-density EPS foam
  • Premium roof coating that will protect it from scratches, fading, and corrosion
  • specially designed interlocking roof panel connection system, which increases the structural integrity of the sunroom and increases the longevity of the sunroom while providing the very best leak resistance/protection.
  • The interior and exterior surface uses an ultra-durable polymer called Temkor (Temkor is an industry leader in indoor and outdoor surface protectants)
  • Limited lifetime transferable warranty

Add-On Features

  • Single pane or double pane glass
  • A specially designed glass that blocks the UV rays (helps keep you and your interior room safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays)
  • Variety of color choices to pick from for your sunroom and to name just a few include white, sandstone, and bronze.

Prime Window System for Sunrooms

Prime Window System is a perfect solution for Florida homeowners looking to extend their homes living space while maintaining a high level of energy efficiency. The Prime Window insulated sunrooms are outfitted with our exclusive HPG 2000 glass. This glass features an SPF (solar protection factor) of 59, with an upgrade to SPF 85 available. The Prime Window sunrooms also have the option of upgradeable sashes and thermally isolated wall frames.

The Prime Window System is available in two stylish roof lines which include the cathedral sunroom and the studio sunroom.

There are several benefits of a Florida Sunroom

Florida Four Season Sunrooms are designed to be cooled and heated on a daily basis. As an option, a Florida Sunroom can be fitted with its own Temperature Control which allows you to stay cool and comfortable on scorching summer days. Cooler winter days can be enjoyed in your Florida Sunroom by simply adjusting the thermostat to your liking. A Florida Sunroom will allow you to enjoy the beautiful views without being exposed to heat, wind or rain.

One of the most popular benefits to a Florida Sunroom is that it offers extra temperature controlled space. The extra space a Florida Sunroom has to offer can be used for practically anything you have in mind. Whether you’re looking for additional space to entertain guests or a relaxing place with a view to sit and enjoy your coffee a Florida Sunroom will offer you the extra space that you’re looking for and can be used all year long.

Florida Sunrooms offer protection from the elements. Enjoy an evening with family and friends without the annoyance of pesky bugs. Plan a dinner party or family get together knowing that when you sit down to eat your food you will stay safe from pesky mosquitoes and other insects that can otherwise dampen any dinner party or gathering. With A Florida sunroom, there is no need to worry about a wet dreary, hot and humid weather report before planning a family get together or party. You and your guests will fully enjoy the beauty of the outdoors all while staying comfortable inside. There is also no need to check the pollen count or worry about you or your guest’s allergies acting up. A Florida Sunroom offers you and your guests a comfortable indoor environment that allows you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from sunrise to sunset all year long.

Make your dream a reality with a Florida Sunroom. Have you thought about or envisioned a space that could be used for reading, entertaining, a game room, or perhaps all of the above? An added benefit to a Florida sunroom is that it can be easily customized. Turn your dream into a reality with the numerous options that a Florida Sunroom has to offer.

With a Florida sunroom, you can create your dream and enjoy it! Another great benefit of a Florida Sunroom is your new space can be fully functional with an on-site installation in a matter of a few weeks vs. many months to a year with a traditional room enclosure. Traditional room enclosures can take over double the amount of time and money not to mention hassle and headaches.

Adding a Florida Sunroom to your home can boost the value of your home as well as additional living space to your home. Whether your interested in adding a little or a great amount of space a Florida sunroom will add just the right amount of space that you are looking for.

At Lifestyle Remodeling, we always put our customer’s interest first and stay committed to providing only the very best in customer service, high-quality products, and services. We encourage you to read our customer reviews and visit our sunroom before & after gallery of sunroom projects that we have completed. If you are ready to build a sunroom addition to your Florida home or if you have any questions please contact Lifestyle Remodeling at (813) 448-3711 today or contact us online.

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