7 Small Sunroom Decorating Ideas to Add to Your Home

By Published On: May 9, 20234.9 min read
small sunroom decorating ideas

Does your sunroom need some new design ideas? If your sunroom design feels stale or no longer inspires you to spend time there, it’s time to switch it up!

At Lifestyle Remodeling, we love helping our customers find interior design ideas they love. Take a look at eight of our favorite small sunroom decorating ideas that are easy to implement for any sunroom makeover project!

1. Create a Reading Space By Adding Bookshelves

If you’re a book lover, why not use your small space to create the ultimate reading nook? Although studio sunrooms make for the perfect reading corner, it’s achievable with any room size.

The bookshelves will house your prized book collection – and don’t forget to include comfortable seating. There’s nothing like sinking into a soft plush chair and getting lost in a good story with a cup of tea or hot cocoa!

To get the extra mile for aesthetic value, you can place the bookshelves in front of a window so the sunlight shines through your collection.

2. Turn Your Sunroom Into a Living Room

decor for small sunrooms

One of our favorite decorating ideas for a small sunroom is to turn it into a small living room. You can decorate the space differently from your main living room to create a unique vibe.

Include furniture, such as:

  • Coffee table
  • Couch or sectional
  • Recliner
  • Side tables

And if you’re feeling a little fancy, add a chandelier in the center to tie the space together.

Really, anyway that you would design your living room, you can apply to this new space. Whether you like rustic decor or something more coastal, anything is possible.

3. Add in Greenery

This is by far one of the best small apartment sunroom decorating ideas for those who love outdoor living or the boho vibe: add some greenery!

You don’t have to go overboard and have dozens of plants, but greenery creates a welcoming and relaxed vibe. Plus, your plants will thrive in the sunroom from all the natural light.

Further, studies show that adding greenery to your living space will positively affect your health by reducing stress and improving productivity. Not to mention, you’ll create an incredibly cozy sunroom for yourself.

You can buy a few large potted plants or have hanging plants in the corners.

Pro tip: Locate which areas of the room get the most sunlight to get an idea of where you should place the plants and what sizes you should purchase.

4. Add a Boldly Designed Floor

Bold floors are a signature look for today’s small modern sunrooms. The smaller space allows you to have more fun with the room ideas as long as you stick to a color palette or theme. In other words, you don’t need to go crazy with too many colors and risk having the room look like a painting exploded everywhere to make a statement. A carefully thought-out bold floor will give your sunroom a blast of personality with minimal effort.

Strategically placed Spanish or Moroccan tiles can bring an exquisite look to your room. You could also consider geographic patterns with muted colors, too.

If you don’t want to retile the floor, you can choose a small palette of bold paint colors and repaint the existing wood or concrete floors instead. To get even more creative with the design, use a stencil pattern!

5. Use Nature Motifs

For three-season rooms, consider a nature motif. This simple room design makes your sunroom space feel connected to the outdoors.

Some popular nature motif examples include:

  • A large nature painting
  • A mural
  • Natural-looking wallpaper

You can also add home decor like plants, textured fabrics, and reclaimed wood or outdoor furniture from natural materials to connect the space to nature further.

6. Beach-Style Sunrooms

Although one of the most popular designs with screened-in porches, you can also turn your small sunroom into a beach-style paradise.

Just use a warm or pastel color scheme with splashes of white and jute, rattan, or wicker furniture to get started.

If you don’t like sitting on rattan chairs, put covers or cushions on them that match your chosen color scheme. This way, your sunroom furniture will look beachy but feel comfortable.

Additionally, choosing upper and lower glass transoms or GrandView windows will allow natural light to flow in, brightening the space even more to give the allure of being at the beach.

7. Use Built-In Window Seats

We love this home design hack for small spaces! In a large space, you can position seating away from the walls, facing out toward the windows. But with limited space in a small sunroom, you need to get creative.

Install seating below the window treatments. This allows you to face out the window or inward toward the room when visiting with others. If possible, extend the seats to the wall. Then, place a large cushion or pillow to create an area with a supported back.

If you can’t extend the seat to the wall, make sure you have other seating in the room for when you want something with a supported back or have guests over.

Remember the bookcase idea? This is the ideal place to curl up with a novel or for your child to do homework.

Start Implementing Your Small Sunroom Decorating Ideas

In truth, there are so many other decorating options for your sunroom, including area rugs, swing benches, rocking chairs, hammocks – or even an above-ground hot tub!

From sunrooms to patio enclosures, Lifestyle Remodeling is the premier partner for homeowners looking to renovate their indoor/outdoor spaces in the Tampa area. We’re experts at all things related to sunrooms and sunroom design, and we have endless ideas to design and build your dream sunroom.

We’d love to help you with your project! Contact us for a free consultation today!

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